Welcome to the world of Ahn-Azzex where the Plane of Shadow is coterminous with nearly the entire planet, relegating civilized society to a small collection of countries on the south western edge of the continent of Galavan. Most folks are from Pergisursia, seat of the royal Yuan Ti House Auvraela’hass who rule over the shorter lived races with grace and consideration. Their direct neighbors to the south east are the Elementals of the Elemental Kingdom. Somewhat near Pergisursia due west across the ocean lies the The Alabaster Isle, seat of the dead god Othanops and his devotees, House Alabaster. Last but not least, to the north west of The Alabaster Isle lies the floating continent of Crinoa, home of the automatons known as the War Forged and other such technological advances, who are currently at war with the airship armada of The Consulate.

Outside of these “safe” areas things tend to become… awful.

All is not well in the world. The Plane of Shadow frequently bleeds over the magical fortification known as the The Barrier of Souls causing strife and devastation. The Barrier is itself a problem, fueled by the very life-force and souls of the condemned. The Tsochar have ravaged Crinoa, bringing carnage to the entire continent. Elven House Eltrus appears to have been manipulating the other Houses in order to gain souls to sacrifice to the Barrier whilst they hide in their towers disguising their true (and decidedly more Draconic) forms. The Durnskald are causing destruction and death whenever they appear, which is made all the more worrisome because they have suddenly stopped appearing. Perhaps worst of all, one of the three towers of The Magi has been located and activated which history shows is a terrible omen of things to come.

Can (or even should) The Barrier of Souls be brought down?
Will the Tsochar wipe out the last bastion of Crinoa?
Will another tower of the Magi be activated?
What nefarious act are The Durnskald planning?

Find out the answers to these questions and more!

Year One Summary
Year Two Summary – Still working on this.
Year Three Summary – Haven’t started this yet.
Welcome to Year 4 everyone! I expect that this story has 1, maybe 2 years left to go before it’s complete. The ending has been planned since around the 3rd or 4th session, I’m excited to see things unfold and I hope you are as well.

New to the setting? Feel free to poke around here. If that’s too overwhelming try starting here instead.

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Rise of the Durnskald

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