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Rise of the Durnskald

Azca Et'Zeryx Valt - Roth Ulman Excerpt 2

Session 54

Excerpt from the advanced text “Azca Et’Zeryx Valt: Roth Ulman” detailing the nature of how Azca pertains to the interactions of planar physics.

“Azca is a powerful force that shouldn’t be trifled with by the untrained. Under certain circumstances and with the correct foci one could inadvertently cause certain unintended interactions affecting the stability of the plane. These interactions can be extremely difficult to anticipate and the consequences can be dire, occasionally qualifying as apocalyptic. Therefore take the following warnings to heart:

  1. In any interaction that uses or requires a form, do not deviate from said form.
  2. Conversely, if a form is not called for do not introduce such a static element to the weft.
  3. Interactions should only be performed in warded and secluded locations such as a containment field.
  4. Transmutation interactions are too dangerous and unpredictable.
  5. Always remember to take amplification into consideration.

Let’s get right to it then. As I’m sure you are already aware planes consist of several layers which are bound to each other by elementary forces. Azca can be used to weaken or strengthen these elementary forces using the following principle:

Change = ((Total Layer Potential added to Elementary Force Strength) multiplied by total amplification)) divided by (Total Stasis Potential added to Azca Potential)

Used with the theories presented in Azca Alumud C’et Vastrl: Volumes One, Two, and Three it should be readily apparent that even the smallest change may have a much larger impact than initially predicted. This effect is even more pronounced when extended over a duration of time. Standing point foci should generally be avoided for this reason, the Azca Potential generally continues to grow for as long as the foci is present. The exception to that would be if the foci itself was inside of a containment field (as it should be). The containment field should severely dampen the amplification effect of the foci (which is the generally intended purpose of a stasis wave-fluctuation based containment field after all), nearly cancelling out the amplification entirely. This allows you to extend the duration of your interaction dramatically.

Take note though. Obviously the amplification cannot be entirely nullified, to do so would render the foci pointless. Given that information a foci securely contained within a stasis wave-fluctuation based containment field must still steadily amplify the Azca Potential. If left unchecked eventually one of two things is accepted to happen; either the plane is bled dry of Azca entirely (leading to mass extinction), or the foci will fail catastrophically (in which case I sincerely hope that your containment field is very strong).

Azca scholars aren’t entirely sure what happens should the containment field fail. Obviously the accrued Azca would breach the field, that much can go unsaid, but what effect would manifest from such a breach is most unpredictable. The best case scenario is that a conduit with the astral plane is formed, acting as an enormous vent for the energy. The cataclysmic Azca backlash that devastated the plane of Athas might be considered a worst case scenario by some, I feel that the denizens of Athas may have gotten off lucky considering the circumstances.


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