Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald


Session 53

They did it. I would’na believe it if I had’na been there meself. Them shaman greens made a door’a black, it goes what knows?

They do. Aye, they knows, it being made by them and all. Built a tomb around it they did with a door of unscratchable. Left a pile of dead greens inside. I know because I was in there, I’na seen anything of the like. Terrible omens await them that built this place. Them shaman greens will die w’in a fortnight or I’m not a dead goblin. Maybe they already dead. Maybe that bit on the other side of the black killed them right when they crossed over. Maybe they the lucky ones. Them D’mans and their like are drawing ever closer.

Still though, them shaman greens beat the big d’man. Huge as a tree he was, always shrouded in a smoke fire. Big molten iron eyes he had.I’ve seen his kind before, come from down in the depths of Oster’toth. Nasty lot that.

Maybe I stay here, keep a watch over the door of unscratchable. If the D’mans figure out how to open’t it would’na serve. Maybe I stay here, guard this place, keep out the D’mans.

I got a score t’settle.


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You keep out the D’mans. That be good.


The writing is vivid and full of life and the picture is great!

Abersade Abersade

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