Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald


Session 49

Razimuth was crestfallen when he heard the news. The scouting party that Chief Astenfang had sent through the portal had been slain, their bodies tossed unceremoniously back through the portal to lay in a heap of limbs, heads, tails, and torsos. Razimuth took the news especially hard as his father, Akker’roth the great warrior of the Sunscale tribe, had been among those who would never look upon their homeland again.

To make matters worse the light of the titan seemed to be growing fainter each day, now twisting the landscape like it had twisted the hatchlings and elders previously. Even the plant life was affected, gnarling, withering, and blackening like the sky. Something truly horrible was happening here, something that Razimuth didn’t think his people would be able to escape. Chief Astenfang had been wary but hopeful when Razimuth had given her the news of the portal’s discovery, that hope had turned to ash when she saw what had become of her scouts. No more would be sent, the tribe couldn’t spare the men. Every day the bounty of the land became smaller and smaller. Less animals appeared in the jungle, less fish were in the water, less birds were in the sky.

The land was dying and no one knew why.

Journal entries for session 49:
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