Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald


Session 52

They watched his fight with the flaming demon from the fire in the center of the village. Nearly all of the tribe was there to watch their chieftain die at the hands of the beast. The shaman had been able to scry the creature using the flames once the tribe on the other side of the portal had given them a name.


None could have guessed it would be A’ki. He was supposed to be a great hero who fell fighting the darkness centuries ago in the Abyss. Here he was now to put a violent end to everything he touched. It didn’t make any sense.

Chief Razimuth landed the first blow, slashing at A’ki somewhat clumsily but managing to keep his distance.

The shaman knew what had to be done and the preparations had already been underway. There was a legend that the lords of the Abyss couldn’t see innocence. If A’ki came from the Abyss perhaps he too shared their weakness. The fight between A’ki and Chief Razimuth confirmed their suspicions, A’ki seemed to be blind to Chief Razimuth’s attacks.

A great gate would be erected to hold the corruption and the monster that brings it at bay. It would be a magical gate, brought from the other side of the portal by volunteers who could never return to their homes. The gate would be built into the entrance of the cave and enchanted using the blood of the innocent. This was their best chance at keeping the monster from accessing wherever it was that the gate led to.

Chief Razimuth had landed several blows against A’ki, drawing blood several times. He saw an opening from behind the monster, leaping onto its back and stabbing savagely. A’ki stumbled and fell from the impact, Chief Razimuth landing just a few feet in front of him. A’ki cocked his head to the side at the sound of Razimuth’s landing, then reached out abruptly and caught the chief directly in the face with his fist. Chief Razimuth staggered to the side, spitting out teeth and coughing. A’ki stood tall and reached down to the source of the sound, picking Chief Razimuth up by his skull using just his massive armored gauntlet and dangling him ten feet above the ground.

A’ki chuckled sinisterly, then closed his fist. A moment later Razimuth’s headless twitching form dropped to the ground and A’ki limped away.

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