Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald


Session 50

Chief Astenfang was dead, her remains a gory mess that stretched at least ten feet in every direction from where she had tried to take a stand. The monster had crushed her like she was made of rotting fruit, then turned and simply walked away.

Razimuth had tried to stop her. The thing in the jungle was far more powerful than anything that his tribe had ever encountered before. It stood over twenty feet tall, bristling with muscle and seemingly made of smoke. Razimuth had been the first to see the monster coming, seeing it from his post in the watchtower because the beast’s flaming red eyes made it plainly visible in the eternal twilight that now blanketed the land. He had even tried picking up his father’s greatspear but he was still weak to wield it effectively. If only they had more time to prepare maybe this could have gone differently.

He thought about it for a moment. No, that would have gone no differently if we’d had fifteen years to prepare. That thing appeared to be unstoppable and had to be avoided or else all was lost. The others were looking to him now for leadership since many of the more elder lizardfolk were in no state to do much of anything other than wail uncontrollably. The others were dutiful warriors and fearful fathers, great at taking orders but terrible at giving them.

Razimuth’s first act as chief of the tribe was to call the council of shaman, peaceful contact had to be made with the people from the other side of the portal.

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