Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald

Diary of Madness: Kar'dak

Session 21

His screaming reached a new height today. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still learning the “art”, best to be careful and take it slow. Wouldn’t want Dax to spill all of his secrets at once now would I? That hardly seems… delightful.

He told me today as I was driving the screws into his forearm that it was his fault. It was his fault that the Mechromancer kept escaping capture. It was his fault that The Imperius wasn’t adequately protected. It was his fault that the “thing” in the Kar’dak plague ruins wasn’t as vicious as I had been led to believe. It was his fault what happened to Kar’dak.

Oh J., I’m not even quite sure how to explain precisely what happened to Kar’dak. One day the city was there and my men had almost arrived to close the trap, the next afternoon the city was gone. In its place was an enormous hole, like someone literally cut the city out of Crinoa. The men I had sent, well, it turns out that they haven’t fared much better than the city did. Initial reports aren’t exactly clear, other than to specify that there was a massive increase in the temperature of the southern rim of the hole. The ground was said to glow faintly from the heat, and had the texture of a thick custard. The man that fell in to this “custard” of course was mostly incinerated.

The others have all fallen ill to an unknown malaise. Several have since gone blind, their hair and teeth fallen out. Others have developed very unique rashes, accompanied by feelings of weakness and fits of shaking. Those that have survived so far haven’t a clue what they’ve managed to contract, and well, I don’t think they’ll make it another day in the woods, much less make it to Burcia. Just as well, we can’t have them infecting our little prizes now can we? Sure I could send some of those that are standing by in Burcia to retrieve their sickly comrades but they just aren’t worth the effort.

Don’t look at me like that, J. It isn’t my fault and even if it was why should I be expected to care? I am the Consulate Seneschal, with the title of Grand Arbiter still resting on my shoulders I essentially run The Consulate for the time being. If I say that those men are to die horrible deaths that is my right.

Journal, my experiments with the captives will soon be complete as well. The brood mother larva hatched in the host dwarf this morning, I always knew the dwarves were good for something, who would have thought that it would be as carriers to an exotic new parasite?

This is looking up to be a rather nice day.



Abersade Obison

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