Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald


Session 51

Contact had been made, the people from the other side of the portal were lizardfolk.

They had hacked his people to pieces like that even though they were one and the same? Chief Razimuth had been rendered unable to even speak for a moment when the shaman told him why they had done such a horrible thing.

“There isn’t anything that is allowed to pass through the portal.”

That had been the extent of the discussion, nothing else was given as a means of explaining the atrocity that they had committed against his people, his father.

Razimuth wept for his people and his grief, but something kept nagging at him. That wording had been very particular. Why not just say that nothing was allowed through the portal? The answer struck him almost immediately, “Nothing” wasn’t allowed through either. They were guarding the portal against the sickness of the land that destroyed everything it touched. They were guarding it against the monster in the jungle. Razimuth knew that his people would not escape, the thing would annihilate them all.

Could nothing be done? Must they simply wait to die? No. Razimuth had had enough. He gathered the council and told them that he was going out to drive the monster off. He knew he couldn’t hope to slay the beast but perhaps he could wound it enough that it would seek an easier target elsewhere. Maybe he could buy his people enough time to escape.

He grabbed his father’s greatspear and bade farewell to his people, naming the wisest of the shaman as the new chief should he fail to return.

He knew he wouldn’t be returning.

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