Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald

Egg Snatcher

Session 42

Jeena darted quickly into the shadows to avoid being seen, if she were caught here that was it. She had been planning this heist for a long time and knew precisely which path she had to take once she had made it over the walls and in to the palace. Here she was, about to pull of the crime of the year, and all she could think about was the rumors she had heard of the monster guarding the nursery. She would sneak in, grab an egg, and sneak back out before the monster ever knew she was there. After practicing for months Jeena was certain she could do it, she had everything memorized and the last seventeen practice runs she had done went through flawlessly.

Her contacts in House Derth had tried to warn her against this plan but they were simple beggars and thieves, the whole lot of them were craven. Despite her refusal to join them in the past the assassins guild had made her quite the offer if she could pull this one off, an Obsidian Scale marked for One Thousand Mithril Scales. They allowed her to use their facilities to practice as well, an old warehouse off of Mueller Avenue that they half jokingly referred to as “The Cathedral of Hate”. Inside the warehouse had been set up completely identically to the inside of the east wing of the palace. She had practiced sneaking, rolling, and climbing there so much that she even did it in her dreams.

After a few hours of meditation she had spoken with her contact Aggra Jag Blackspine to let the Assassins Guild know that tonight was the night. She had scaled the exterior wall to the south east of the palace gates, the guards had no idea she was there and in an instant she was on the roof of the entrance rotunda and was out of sight. Getting caught by the guards would end poorly for her, they’d likely petrify her until her trial date came around and then she’d be spending quite a lot of time locked up in prison. That would infringe upon her night-life, it just would not do to get caught so she took a calming breath and quietly shimmied her way around the rotunda dome towards the east wing hall’s roof.

From there she surveyed the peristyle below. When it was clear she lowered her drider silk sash and slid down noiselessly. She wrapped the sash around one of the peristyle’s columns, using the command word to make it mimic the pattern in the marble so that the sash wouldn’t be obvious. With that completed she looked to the door of the hatchery. It was closed, which was odd. This door was always kept open while the monster was there. Could this really be this easy, to have the monster gone on the night she planned her heist? She eyed the door again, this time suspiciously. Crouching low under a bush she could see as a guard approached the door and checked to make sure it was still locked. She would have laughed it if wouldn’t have given her away, it was going to be that easy.

After the guard had finished and walked away Jeena came back out of hiding, walking to the door with purpose. She took a look around just to make sure that this door wasn’t rigged with magic or anything and detected no traps. She slid her pick in the lock and a moment later she was in the hatchery, closing the door behind her with a soft click. So far so good. She eased her way along the brown brick wall until she could see into the room beyond. This didn’t look right, the whole room was backwards from the way she had practiced. Where the monster would have been (were it here) there were instead a half dozen painted eggs in various hues, each one the size of a baby human. The other alcove was empty but for a small slateboard and a few stools. These were the eggs that she came to get, this is what the Assassin’s Guild had wanted her to retrieve. After this she wouldn’t have to work another day in her life.

Jeena slowly approached the eggs, watching them like a hawk to make sure that there wouldn’t be anymore surprises. When she got to the first egg, she slowly placed her hands on the surface. It was metal, and the paint some sort of enamel. Jeena blinked in confusion. She tried to pick it up but the egg came apart in several large pieces, one of which fell on the now mewling winged serpent baby within. Jeena had never seen such a creature as this. It was magnificent, a thin red and green speckled snake with feathered wings like a bird, whose feathers shamed all of avian kind with their splendorous hues. She brushed aside one of the pieces that the baby was trapped under and picked the infant up gently.

That was when she felt them tighten, the coils that had wrapped silently around her legs, waist, and neck. These coils were massive and dark green, and the monster that wore them looked at her with its several dozen heads. The monster took the infant from her trembling hands, she couldn’t escape due to the tightness of the coils around her. This must be the monster, and it was unlike anything she had expected. Overwhelming fear filled her, she opened her mouth to scream but the monster simply coiled around her head to stifle her, then tightened again.

The last thing Jeena heard was the monster saying “Hush now little one, time to go back to sleep”, then the terribly loud snapping of her own skull.

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