Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald

He Watches

Session 47

The master looked at them quizzically.
“Ah, yes. Welcome home little ones. I trust that the intruders have been adequately dealt with?”

They globbered in unison excitedly.

The master seemed less than amused at their antics.
“What do you mean by that precisely? Am I to assume that they have not been killed?”

G’Hauth glurried to the master in a dismissive fashion.

The master eyed G’Hauth wearily.
“So you let them escape. Are you sure that they have gone from our lands? We will have much bigger problems to deal with if word of our little enclave here reaches the elementals.”

G’Hauth floopily willomied, using a pseudopod to draw a crude map on the ocean floor. G’Hauth gesticulated towards the map, emphasizing the trail away from the ancient ruins near the shoreline.

The master closed all three of his glowing orange eyes, nodded, and bid them to leave his sanctum.


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