Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald

Recruitment Leaflet - The Legion of Pergisursia

Session 65

Do you ever ask yourself “What more can I do for my country”? Sure you have!

Do you ever feel the need deep down to belong? It’s fine, we all do!

Are you proficient with a dagger, sword, bow, or shield? It honestly doesn’t matter!

Can you throw a gnome at least twenty feet without a running start (you, not the gnome)?

If you’ve answered yes to any questions then the Legion of Pergisursia just might be what you are looking for!

We offer the following competitive benefits:

  • Free Housing
  • Free Food
  • Free Training
  • Cheap Equipment
  • A Weekly Wage

Apply* in person today!

* All applicants will be put through a rigorous routine that will test their limits, through which the safety of the applicants is not and can not be guaranteed. All applicants must be at least one Dwarf tall to join. Room, board, and training are provided at no charge to members only. Applicants are boarded in communal barracks and are generally of the male persuasion so ladies, keep that in mind if you apply. Also, we weren’t kidding about the gnome thing earlier.

Journal entries for session 65:
Luon – Luon’s Journal – Session 65
Sorathin – The Journal of Sorathin (The Green Knight) Session 65
Salin’ess-Khahaan –
Thoragen – Thoragen Entry Thirty-Six and Thoragen Entry Thirty-Seven
Krellem –
Cara –


Abersade Abersade

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