Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald

The Plan

Session 26

It had started with an unimaginably intense pain deep in the back of his skull, blooming through his mind at an agonizingly slow rate. His scalp was crawling with energy, pain slicing through his body with each unnatural twitch.

His eyes felt like they were boiling inside his skull.

All he could hear was a relentless buzzing sound, like a swarm of extremely large hornets were in his ears.

As the pain progressed, he could feel it following his veins throughout the rest of his body like wildfire. He tried to cry out but couldn’t, his body simply wouldn’t respond. When he couldn’t take it anymore he strained against the numbness as mightily as he could, trying as hard as was physically possible to merely open his eyes.

They popped open painfully, the light piercingly painful, and gave him a rather curious view of the ceiling. With the numbness rapidly fading, he sat up and looked around. He was in a large dimly lit room, and appeared to be sitting in a pool of his own blood. He shook his head once in confusion. Where was he? What had happened?

In a flash Archeusio Rex’Amon remembered everything, the Tsochar, Dax Orbidal, and the adventurers who may still be here somewhere. He strained to listen, he was just barely able to make out their discussion down the hall where the Tsochar and Dax were kept. If they were down there and he was alive again, that could mean only one thing.

The containment field had been breached. The Tsochar kept in the vats below had probably already begun fleeing the prison complex. In a matter of days they would overrun Burcia, from there free to spread to the rest of Crinoa.

Archeusio had a plan. He would flee, and teleport away to Bestheda Garrison. From there he could gate back several airships and a sizable contingent of soldiers to help hold the town. Maybe the Tsochar could be stopped there, and if he could recapture Dax in the process this situation could still be salvaged.

He stood up, gathered his robes, and fled.



Abersade Obison

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