Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald

The Ritual of Summer Fire

Session 20

She could feel it out there somewhere, the pressure of it pressing on the backs of her eyes. Her heart began to race when Salin left the room, she had thought about warning her but she knew that might be a mistake. If that thing was out there (and Summer knew it was) her friends would need to deal with it before it could find her. Unfortunately, the best way to get the beast to make itself known was to let it think that it could attack from hiding. If Salin were acting defensively the beast wouldn’t attack and her chance to be rid of it would be lost.

Summer watched the scene unfolding on the street below, it attacked Salin the moment she stepped out of the inn. Salin was quickly overwhelmed. Summer escaped from the now burning building in time to protect her fallen friend, but found the price to be high. Cinder the Reborn was gone, yes, but the last thing Summer saw before she fell unconscious was its hateful gaze burning into her soul.


Abersade Obison

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