Archeusio Rex'Amon

Crinoan Consulate Seneschal


Archeusio Rex’Amon comes from a long line of Crinoan nobility, dating back many thousands of years. Officially he is the Seneschal of the Consulate and is currently filling the roles of Grand Arbiter and Grand Judge and has effectively seized control of the Consulate in the wake of the Tsochar invasion. He is a thin man, tall, gaunt, and as nasty as they come.

He revealed to the party that he had found an egg which he incubated and hatched, infecting his servants with parasitic snake/worm things known as Tsochar.

Archeusio was slain during session 25 in Mt. Krag, where he (by way of a Polymorph spell) became the fourth consecutive Cryo-Hydra to die in a single round.

He was accidentally resurrected by a Plaguestone (during session 26) that was located behind a containment field which the party breached. He is thought to be invading Burcia in an attempt to recapture Dax Orbidal.

Archeusio Rex'Amon

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