Ben Bloodbath, Devastator Bio-Mech

Ben Bloodbath was once but a man, now he is a fearsome engine of destruction.


Ben Bloodbath is a member of the 5th Burcian Ordo Terminus company. While he is by far the most powerful member of the company he is only deployed when Brother Samson sees fit, this is due to Ben’s somewhat unique state of being; Ben Bloodbath is one of the Chapter’s only members that have been interred within a set of their experimental Devastator Bio-Mech armor.

Ben is immensely strong but not very maneuverable and cannot leave the armor since it is the only thing that is keeping him alive. As such Ben is generally deployed onto open fields of warfare so that his bulk is not a problem. Standing at 23 feet tall he towers over most enemies on the battlefield and favors using tree trunks as clubs.


Ben Bloodbath, Devastator Bio-Mech

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