Cinder the Reborn

Cinder is one of the risen shadowmen of the Durnskald



Please note that the appearances listed below do not always correlate with what was witnessed during a session, due to the third person nature of the Adventure Logs.

First Appearance: Cinder and Fury
Second Appearance: Promontory Piddock and Redux
Third Appearance: Redux
Fourth Appearance: Looking Glass
Fifth Appearance: The Ritual of Summer Fire
Sixth Appearance: Kardak
Seventh Appearance: The Dying Ember

Cinder was once a man but is now little more than a hateful husk, standing well over 7 foot tall and covered in black burnt skin. Cinder appears to be able to use an oily form of fire that is exceedingly difficult to extinguish. Cinder was created when one of the victims of the crashed airship rose from the dead and attacked the party, slaying Argle Fairweather before being driven off.

Cinder was again encountered during the voyage back to Pergisursia when he damaged the Promontory Piddock and assaulted the party. He was eventually defeated, fleeing into the ocean.

Cinder attacked the party right after they retrieved the Plaguestone that was held within the Plagueruins of Kardak, causing carnage and chaos before being defeated. Summer used some kind of ability on him that caused him to explode, rendering Cinder into chunks of burnt skin and a fine mist. He was thought to be dead.

Cinder was thought to have died just outside the giant hole in the ground where Kardak used to be, where he had attacked the adventurers and set the forest on fire. He was defeated here as well, exploding in a violent burst of fire and heat that rendered a few people who later searched the area quite sick.

Cinder was last seen in the swamps just east of The Barrier of Souls, where he attacked the adventurers ferociously. Ultimately his tenacity and fury did him little good, he was defeated yet again despite being obviously more powerful. His form exploded this time as well, spewing a deadly green heat in all directions from the blast. Even that final surge of hate wasn’t enough to kill his enemies.

Cinder the Reborn

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