"Do not be afraid my child, for it is only I."


Standing at over twelve feet tall as a writhing humanoid-shaped mass of snakes Fang makes an imposing sight. Other Yuan-ti are fascinated by him, non Yuan-ti are typically terrified of him. Despite that, Fang has never been known to harm the innocent and has a gentle demeanor.

Very little is actually known about Fang. Scholars think that Fang very well could be the oldest living organism, as he hasn’t aged at all in the last five thousand years since the founding of Pergisursia. Fang himself is coy about it as well, only mentioning that he has seen the birth of both mountains and man.

There are other theories as well, with the prevalent one being that Fang is one of the members of The Far Realm and that he chose Galavan to live on in a similar fashion to how many sages view The Outsider. If that is the case then it is possible that Fang is immortal and may have been here far longer than anyone could even begin to guess. Still others think that Fang is a god, perhaps the creator god of all life. It is certainly true that Fang wields unfathomable power when the need arises.

Fang has spent the last five thousand years acting as a teacher, doctor, and caretaker for the young Yuan-ti of the empire. He is rarely seen without his two attendants nearby.


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