Ozzo Fizzlewyk

A halfling who doesn't know his true power.



In his halfling form, Ozzo is almost entirely harmless. In his other form he is roughly the size of a small city or a very large village and could easily take on several other Great Wyrms at the same time without much trouble. Ozzo is several size categories larger than any other creature on Ahn-Azzex, living or otherwise. Ozzo is so big that he literally uses small mountains as his perches when he is in his draconic form, taking up roughly the same volume as at least eight average sized Red dragon Great Wyrms.

He would be considered somewhere between a Macro-Diminutive and Macro-Tiny creature, which would place him somewhere in the ballpark of 1,000+ ft long and weighing in at over 400 million pounds. His STR score would be at least 63, which gives him a +26 to his STR bonus, making his grapple checks a +58. It would be virtually impossible to miss when attacking him due to his AC Size penalty of -40. He would be able to carry an unknown amount of weight because I just couldn’t do the math, suffice it to say that it is quite a lot.

He would threaten every square within 240’ of him, meaning that most ranged attacks made against him at no range increment penalty would provoke attacks of opportunity. I have no idea how large his fear aura would be, probably something like a 2,000’ radius or just line of sight. His breath weapon would be a line of acid 30’ wide and at least 300’ long (most likely longer), which is 1,350,000 cubic feet of acid. That alone would be enough to wash away small villages with just a breath.


Ozzo was actually born as a black dragon, hatching from his abandoned egg roughly one century after his mother, detecting no life within, had pushed the egg away from the rest of her clutch. His egg lay in a dusty and dark corner of an ancient shrine dedicated to the Old God of Death, Nerull – God of Death. This shrine housed a powerful artifact known as a plaguestone, which bathed Ozzo’s egg in eldritch energies for nearly a century. These energies turned him into what he is today, a deranged but lovable halfling that doesn’t know that he is actually a dragon. Ozzo’s not just any black dragon either, he’s abnormally large in his draconic form. Even other dragons think he’s far too gargantuan and dangerous, made all the more so by his complete lack of understanding in regards to his nature. Ozzo is immensely powerful as a dragon and is far older than any of the other dragons alive today.

In his halfling form, Ozzo is friendly and usually cheerful. Rather unsurprisingly he has a love for dragons. He likes to sneak around and lay traps and has an odd habit of acquiring treasure which he leaves in a room all piled up together. He tends to get very angry when he becomes frustrated, something that must be kept from happening at all costs or he will destroy everything and eat everyone as he changes forms unbidden. He only seems to realize that he’s actually a dragon when he is in the form of one, even then he doesn’t generally remember events that happened while he was in his halfling form.

Ozzo is currently a “guest” of House Io, who are secretly studying him to see if they can pinpoint why he is the way he is. They plan to reveal to him that he is a dragon, but have to locate a good spot far away from civilization to do so and must be prepared to subdue him when it becomes necessary.

Ozzo Fizzlewyk

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