Sorien Pleistosen

Herald of Sintos


Sorien Pleistosen is the High Abbess of the entire Sintos clergy, although she spends almost all of her time fulfilling the wishes of Sintos as her Herald and doesn’t usually pay much heed to the day to day affairs of the church. She was approximately three thousand years old when Sintos claimed her as her Herald, Sorien doesn’t appear to have aged since then. This has left her looking like an average adult Yuan Ti woman with long honey colored hair and golden eyes and scales. She dresses fairly plainly and appears demure.

In reality this couldn’t be farther from the truth. After Pergisursia was founded and the world descended into madness Sorien moved there and made her name as a pit fighter specializing in lightning fast dagger work and shockingly gory uses of her greataxe. Even then she was a member of Sintos’ clergy, relying on her luck to see her through to the prize. She became so well known for her brutal tactics and unnatural grace that finding opponents to fight became difficult, which eventually led to her abandoning the pit fighter lifestyle to take up the new mantle of border warden. There she became the terror of the things that were generally considered the most terrifying things that could be found in the swamps.

After her mentor died Sorien took over his position of Border Warden Captain and continued to fight with the savagery he had taught her. This actually worked against her as her lack of restraint left her comrades-in-arms fearful of her. So, she left the Border Warden’s and set off out on her own. She didn’t return until shortly before the construction of The Barrier of Souls, bringing with her seventeen identical severed heads which looked very much like The Redeemer. These heads she promptly donated to the clergy of Sintos.

She then settled in Pergisursia again, training the militant side of the Sintos’ clergy. To this day this is generally what she can be found doing.

Not much is known of Sorien’s earliest years. According to the old tales from the Age of the Citadel Sorien was liberated from slavers by the lizardfolk warrior Pleistosen, who took her in and mentored her with the help of one Ligeia Lasteroff, the soon to be Empress of Pergisursia.

Sorien Pleistosen

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