Summer Sky

She came from darkness, with clouds in her eyes


Summer was provided the following by the group:
Explorer’s Outfit

As part of the group, Summer has gained the following treasure:
9 Crinoan Platinum
273 Crinoan Gold
15 Gold Scales (Pergisursian)


Summer was found washed up in the wreckage of the San’Gill. Unconscious and unresponsive, she was taken to The Chapter of the Argent Archon to see what could be done to improve her condition. There they found that not only was her hair color rare for an elven maiden but that her eyes were highly unusual. Where there should be irises and pupils she instead has a shifting cloud pattern. Although she seemed fine physically they were unable to revive her, so they sent her to House Blackshade in Pergisursia. Research there indicated that her malady was related to something “attached” to her in The Shadow Veil, so a ritual to break that connection was performed.

Summer is now awake and appears to be able to absorb knowledge from books through some kind of magical means of osmosis. She speaks Common, as well as fluent Elven and fluent Auran. Any arcane casting done within 20 feet of her will have unpredictable results. Summer is able to detect the presence of Durnskald and seems to be able to tap in to a monumentally powerful energy to fight them.

Recently it has been theorized that Summer has these powers and can detect the Durnskald because she IS a Durnskald, albeit a “purified” one. Her exact origins remain a mystery at this time.

Summer Sky

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