Valaron Helster


Race: Halfling
Height: 2 Foot 6 Inch
Weight: 30 Lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 27

STR: 15
DEX: 17
CON: 16
INT: 15
WIS: 17
CHA: 18

HP: 10


Part One:
Valaron Helster was born into House Derth along with his 3 brothers. However, once Valaron started to look into the The Chapter of the Onyx Eye he quickly realized that the skills he possessed did not match that well and had interest in what the The Chapter of Rigorous Plight did for the community. He was also generous with his time, money, and items. Even though Valaron did not have the skills to survive in the wild he found it quite easy to help heal others and keep himself save by offering these services.

Once Valaron left his original house he found it very lonely. So lonely that he began to rethink his decision about leaving. Maybe it would have been better to stay with his family, stay with what he knew and what was familiar. Now he had no one and his family even disowned him. Soon after joining House Dresden he was hoping this feeling of loneliness would go away however it didn’t. There was something still missing. Something he still needed to do. While applying for The Chapter of Rigorous Plight and waiting for a response Valaron was studying to become a Cleric so he would be ordained by the Chapter at some point. However a lot of what was needed in a cleric was weapon skills which Valaron was not good with at all. He found it to be to violent. He found it much more fulfilling to help those injured in combat than try and help in hand to hand combat instead. Also, he was more of a liability with a sword than a benefit. From that point on Valaron vowed to never engage in any sort of hand to hand combat which could permanently hurt someone or even kill someone and switched his focus to healing.

It was a good thing that Valaron did this shortly after switching his focus Valaron had a surprise visitor with some very unfortunate news. Valaron’s middle brother Talaver was waiting for Valaron in his room tears in his eyes. Concerned Valaron asked “What are you doing here? Whats the matter?”
Talaver replied “some… some… something happened to Rav,” Rav being Valaron’s oldest brother, “he is really hurt.”
“Where is he? What happened to him?” Valaron quickly asked.
“He is at home. Valaron, he is asking for you.” Talaver said while still crying. “He said he wants to say his final good byes to you. He doesn’t think he is going to make it.”
Quickly Valaron and Talaver rushed through Pergisursia toward their home. As they reached the door Valaron stopped and said to his brother, “Mom and Dad won’t let me in. We gotta find another way in so I can see him.” They went around to the side of the house where Rav’s window was Talaver tried to help Valaron in through the window but they were not tall enough. Quickly they searched and found a couple boxes that they were able to stack and Valaron was able to see his brother. The brother that was always the strongest among them was laying there. Helpless. Valaron couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. He rushed to his brothers side and started to look over his brother. There was a huge gash through Rav’s stomach. Rav let out a small gasp and called for Valaron. Grabbing his hand Valaron said to Rav, “I’ll save you Rav. Just hold on a little longer and I will save you. The people of House Dresden have people who can heal you. I just had to see how bad the injury was first.”
Rav’s replied weakly, “Its… too… late… Val… There.. isn’t.. any… way… to… save… me…”
“How did this happen!” Valaron replied.
“I… was… attacked… by… something… from… The… Shawdow… Veil…,” Rav said while trying to catch his breath, “Take… care… of… everyone… Val… its… up… to… you… and… Tal… to… take… care… of… mom.. and… dad… now…”

With that Rav let out his final breathe. However, it was not possible for Valaron to take care of his mom and dad. They wanted nothing to do with Valaron since he had left House Derth. In order to show them that he still deserves their love and support Valaron must be accepted to The Chapter of Rigorous Plight, he must raise through the ranks and really prove himself. Valaron also promised to find a way to bring Rav back someday. There was no way Valaron was going to allow Rav’s last actions against The Shadow Veil to be a failure.

A few months after Rav died, Valaron was still training to be a Healer, he was able to detect when people were hurt enough to need healing but was not able to heal them yet. He still had to find someone to heal the injured and was being to grow very tired of this. Valaron kept working though. He kept studying and gaining power. However, he was noticing that he started to become a little slower and unresponsive to situations because he was trying to hard to heal people himself. Even though he was a beginning to be a little slow on the draw he still made sure not to let people die because of him. In fact he disliked Violence so much that he took a Vow of Nonviolence which would help him in making sure people did not resort to violence in front of him. Valaron believed so much in the Vow of Nonviolence that he took it one step further and Vowed to always be peaceful. The Vow of Peace he noticed made people around him a lot more calm emotionally and even stopped people from hurting himself and others that were around him. One day Valaron was taking care of a half-orc barbarian who had been injured in combat training. The Half-orc was very upset. As Valaron approached the half-orc let out a huge roar and tried to rush toward the person who had injured him. Valaron rushed to the half-orc’s side and the half-orc calmed down on the spot. This was also the first time that Valaron was able to actually heal someone. Valaron concentrated and saw himself healing the half-orc and before he knew it the gash in the side of the half-orc had closed. It was no longer there. Valaron backed up quickly and as soon as Valaron was away the Half-orc continued his attack as though there was no interrupting his rage.

He had finally done it. Valaron was finally able to help someone without needing assistance. Has Valaron was walking off the training ground he was not paying attention where he was running. He got hit by an arrow. Not only was he hit by the arrow but it hit with with such force that he was knocked unconscious. Luckly the arrow was only a training arrow and not have a tip on it otherwise it probably would have killed Valaron. Weeks later Valaron finally woke up. He had lost a lot of weight, and was very weak. He could hardly move at all. He slowly gained back his strength but was still very fragile. He would bruiser very easily, would get hurt more quickly than he used too. This did not discourage him though. He had to continue in his goal. Rav still needed to be brought back and he still needed to prove to his parents that he deserved to be allowed back home. Talaver started to spend a lot more time with Valaron as well. He did not want to lose his another brother to this war. At least not without spending as much time with him as he could.

A couple months later Valaron was approached by someone from his house. Offering the opportunity that he has been waiting for. He needed to go on an airship to The Alabaster Isle. He could finally prove his worth and perhaps continue to learn more and improve his skills that he has been working on this whole time.

On the airship Valaron met an old man who asked if Valaron would like to play a game. The game was one that Valaron had not played before but it sounded interesting and Valaron had a chance to win 5 platinum Scales which he could donate to Suriea and The Chapter of Rigorous Plight. Valaron rolls first… 17! The old man rolls the dice 12. The game continues for another elevens rounds and both players pick the highest numbers of of the bunch. Valaron has the better luck this time and wins the 5 platinum scales.

After the game the old man continues to ask questions about Valaron. One of the questions that the old man askes Valaron had no problem answering at all. The old man asks Valaron “What is your profession aways?”
Without a moments hesitation Valaron answers “I’m a Healer in House Dresden”
As it turns out this old man was known as “Argle” and was also a healer. This interested Valaron even more. Valaron continued to explain the Vows that he has taken including a recent Vow of Poverty and explained the money he had won from Argle would go to the shrines of Suriea and those who need it.

Part two: /squid-head Thanks John for this idea! /squid-head

Current Mood: Excited and Worried

  1. of times Healing: 30
  2. of times out of Healing Spells: 3
  3. of times Healing from Unconsciousness: 7
    Current Rank in Chapter: N/A
    Current Vows: Poverty, Non-Violence, Peace
  4. of times Vows broken: 0
  5. of times atoned: 0

Heart Shrine Stats

  1. of times helping the sick and poor: 10
  2. of sick and poor helped: 80
    Largest # of sick helped in one day: 30
    Highest Rank at a Shrine: 2nd highest Divine Caster
    Amount of total Donations: 45 plat
    Single Largest Donation: 20 Plat

Current Friends : Talaver, Krellem, Luon, Sorathin, Salin,
Current Allies: Summer, Linden, Gretchen,
Deceased Friends that will one day be revived: Argle Fairweather

While adventuring gave me a lot of the resources needed to support the heart shrines and donate to many other causes it was a very hard life. I saw many people, creatures, and unknown things die and found it just wasn’t for me. I will take rest back at Pergisursia tending to the heart shrines. I hope that my brother will understand this and hopefully I can still fulfill my wish of bring him back from his untimely demise.

Part Three: A Visit from Salin and Some Troubling Thoughts.

It was great to see Salin Lasteroff it has been quiet sometime since I last saw any of my old party. I’m glad she is doing well although she seemed to be distracted if you will. I don’t know what has been going on and I really hope that everyone is well. I would hate to see anything happen to any of my old friends I care for them so much. I have not been able to reach my family in quiet some time either. I hope they did not do something to foolish with House Derth’s wishes I don’t know how they ever trusted them but I guess being a halfing you only have so many choices on where to go and be accepted or at least in the past. I don’t feel that is the way anymore. I think most people in Pergisursia are welcoming to everyone. Maybe I could ask my old friends to look into my family’s disappearance. I didn’t want to bother Salin with this has she seemed like she already had a ton on her mind. Maybe Luon or Krellem would help me with this. I think they kinda owe it to me after playing Toss the Halfing with me on The Alabaster Isle.

Valaron Helster

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