Channeling Stone

Channeling Stone


Small pieces of Channeling Stone (no smaller than an acorn, no larger than two inches on a side) can be used as an additional component during spell casting. Doing so allows you to cast the spell as both “Widened” and “Empowered” without increasing the spells level. This use of Channeling Stone reduces the stone to ash.

Large pieces of Channeling Stone (no smaller than two inches on a side, no larger than twelve inches on a side) cannot be used in the previous fashion, instantly exploding and dealing 10d10 force damage in a 20’ radius, dc 20 ref save for half. Instead, large pieces of Channeling Stone are crafted into magic staves and wands, allowing the user to “Widen” or “Empower” spells cast through them up to three times per day. This use doubles the cost to create the item in question. The Channeling Stone’s cost is not reflected in that price, as it must be faceted and focused by a master Gemsmith. Generally suitable Channeling Stones cost anywhere from thirty to three hundred Mithril Scales, the tooling of which costs at least another five to eight Mithril Scales.


Channeling Stone is a naturally occurring light green crystal found rarely while mining in various places throughout Galavan. Even small chunks of it are extremely valuable and many fine people have lost their lives mining for it as it attracts abberations. It has a number of uses for spellcasters of all sorts.

Study of the crystals properties reveal that as its size increases the amount of energy it releases when spells are cast through it increase at an exponential rate, often to devastating results. There is a legend regarding the Arcadian Meteor being comprised solely of Channeling Stone, and that it imploded one day taking nearly all of the denizens of Old Arcadia with it. Legend has it that this caused such a massive shift in eldritch leylines that the Plane of Shadow would intermittently overlay different parts of Galavan as the leylines changed course. This may in fact be why The Shadow Veil phenomenon occurs today.

Channeling Stone attracts abberations in the same fashion as Nexus Sand and Shadow Sand, making it a very dangerous substance.

Channeling Stone

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