Elemental Fury

Spear of the Terramentals

weapon (melee)

Forged from an unknown metal (that requires primal elemental fire to even smelt) Elemental Fury is capable of piercing through anything with ease, automatically ignoring all forms of damage reduction including divine and untyped as well as disrupting and preventing all deific spell casting for one round. In addition, Elemental Fury functions as a +5 Keen Flaming Shocking Frost Acidic weapon that the user is proficient with (changes form as a full round action at the wielders discretion) that grants its wielder the ability to cast several spells as follows:

  • Fireball as cast by a 20th level Wizard 3/day
  • Chain Lightning as cast by a 20th level Wizard 3/day
  • Polar Ray as cast by by a 20th level Wizard 1/day
  • Acid Arrow (Maximized or Quickened) as cast by a 20th level Wizard at will
  • Protection from Energy as cast by a 20th level Wizard, all elements, automatically every round.

Elemental Fury also grants a +10 divine bonus to both Constitution and Charisma. Elemental Fury is a very dangerous cursed weapon which forces whomever attempts to wield it to make a DC 30 will save every time the wielder grasps the handle or be under the effect of a constant Charm Person spell. The weapon has its own personality and can communicate telepathically, the personality is N/N and will always attempt to influence its wielder to bring greater power and glory to the elemental planes. If the person carrying Elemental Fury does not attempt to use it at least once per week then the weapon attempts to cast a Geas spell on them to force them to do its bidding.


Elemental Fury and its brother weapon Blade of the War appeared sometime during the Age of the Citadel. Elemental Fury was instrumental in defeating Talus at the end of the last age, although it lacked nearly all of its powers at the time having been freshly reforged.

At one point it was shattered and needed to be reforged, something that could only be done utilizing the force of the Elemental Plane of Fire. Due to the artifacts extraordinary materials and construction it is thought to come from another world.

Elemental Fury

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