Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald

Fateweaver Missive
Session 38

To the Lady Aggara and the Lady Lynzex,

The time draws near when Sin Rothos will tire of this little game of cat and mouse. As I am sure that you both are well aware It is written in the threads of the Etherium Prophecies that my ordeal is fast approaching and that Sin Rothos will begin his attempt to seize control of our people. Prophecy seems to indicate that he will succeed without me there to stop him. I am quite sure that in this case the prophecy will prove to be true and that at this point there is nothing that we can do to alter it.

With Sin Rothos leading our people we are on a path to ruin. His anger will destroy us all.

There is still hope. There is a band of Pergisursians that may be able to stem this tide. For now they are feeble, yet their power grows steadily stronger, a light shining in the darkness we are mired in. I have seen their path, the day will eventually come when they will seek to destroy me. When that time comes they will be faced with a harrowing consequence. The outcome of that conflict isn’t yet written but these people must live for our people to have any chance.

There will come a day, soon, that they will encounter the one called Cinder the Reborn. I have placed a special mark upon him, upon his defeat that mark will transfer to them and will help hide them from Sin Rothos. He watches for them in the shadows of the swamp even now. This mark will bring them ultimately to you and you must provide them with safe passage home or they’ll be forced to wander the wastes forever.

Be strong my sisters. Continue to guard the gate. Once I am gone do as Sin Rothos bids you, I fear the consequences of his anger.

~ Whisper Mayfevr, Prophetess of A’ki

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The Dying Ember
Session 37

His mind raced, pulsing with rage. Cinder the Reborn was hiding there in the flames. All it will take is a simple step through the veil and he’d be upon them again tearing at their flesh and ripping apart their sanity.

They will never escape.

He will never give up, not until the last shred of them is burnt to ash. With his old mistress gone this is what his new master demanded of him and Cinder the Reborn would obey without question or hesitation. His foes must be destroyed.

He knew that this time would be different.

He had learned to focus his power even more destructively than before. He could create smaller versions of himself. They can’t possibly withstand his fury now, when he himself can barely contain it.

His fury will annihilate them. His madness will consume them.

The Purgisursians will perish.


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The Mark
Session 36

She had felt the jolt in her mind when it happened. Everything had been going mostly according to her plan, even if Sin Rothos insisted on interfering he had managed to actually change very little. Well, except for that jolt. Sin Rothos must have used her power to mark another with the brand of the risen men. They had defeated Cinder the Reborn, just like she had forseen, and her little “gift” was with them even now. Whisper wondered briefly how Sin Rothos had reacted to that bit of news.

The creation of this new risen one was troubling. Whisper hadn’t marked the man herself so she had no mental tie to the beast. That meant that it was under the influence of Sin Rothos or one of the other Fateweavers. He doesn’t have the mental focus necessary to control one of the risen men, this new monster would prove unpredictable.

Whisper hated unpredictable factors.

The risen man was of little concern for the moment, her time for “penance” drew near.


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Tiny Tickles
Session 35

Those ignorant fools.

I’ve been trying to avoid that thing in the swamp since it saw me three days ago. I saw what it did to the rangers. I saw how it punched right through their ribs and ripped their organs out. I saw green fire pour out of the creature, turning the ground black with ash. I saw terror.

Terror also saw me. I fled as fast as my wings could take me. Every time I stopped to rest the abomination was there. If I stopped to eat, it was there. If I stopped to piss, it was there.

No escape.

Finally, I’d had enough and couldn’t keep running anymore. Exhausted and bleary eyed, I perched in a tree and tried to survey my surroundings. That’s when I saw it again, only this time there were more of them. I tried to fight them off but they were too strong. I realized that these people weren’t the thing from the swamp after all, but by then I was on my last breaths. Using the last of my power, I placed myself in sand stasis. No one would attack plain old sand would they?

As it turned out, of course they would. They did. When I awoke I saw… things. A flash, an enormous sound, a pressure within, then I saw Them. Only briefly, but it was enough.

They had long slender appendages, covered with a thick layer of spines. Tentacles where their eyes should have been. Blood weeping from several nasal like orifices on their smooth mottled gray skin. Their black mouths were a nightmare, rows upon rows of broken jagged rotting teeth, dripping with slime. They looked towards me, I couldn’t help but stare. This was a dark and wretched place and these weren’t just things but instruments of psychotic intent. They had no eyes but I could feel them staring.

I could feel them staring.

Then I was sitting in a field of lush green grass amidst a grove of pear trees laden with succulent fruits.


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Recruitment Leaflet - The Chapter of Everlasting Growth
Session 34

Now is the time!

Now is the time to strike out into the unknown, now is the time to fight back against the encroaching shadows, now is the time of heroes! Heed the call of Pergamontis and create your new destiny!

The Chapter of Everlasting Growth is looking for able-bodied woodsmen to help combat the horrors from The Darklands. Easily lost in the woods? Don’t know which mushroom is safe to eat? We will provide plenty of on-the-assignment training to make sure that you have the tools you need to make it in today’s rough and tumble forests. We vow to provide you with food and shelter while we train you on how to go about surviving on your own, then we’ll pay you to do it!

It’s never to late to create your new destiny*, so apply today!

* Some restrictions can and do apply. We only accept those that follow our mother’s word and will, heathens need not apply. Hardtack and water will be rationed out to you on a weekly basis until you take on a paying assignment. Those over four hundred years old may face additional restrictions, see your local Chapterhall for details. Not intended for the faint of heart or mind, nor for those who can’t handle drinking water of questionable purity on occasion. Applicants must be members of House Eltrus or they will be denied. Proficiency with poisons or shadow-weaving a plus.

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Salin’ess-Khahaan – Jerrica
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Krellem – None
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Diary of Madness: The Siege Begins
Session 33

J, I don’t know how to break this to you so I’ll write it here. The Warforged have lain siege to Valley, with The Mechromancer using that odd device of his to keep our forces from counterattacking. There are now just three members of The Consulate left, last night Councilman Aaediras Thoth’sril was found disemboweled like he exploded from the inside. This is identical in manner to what the other victims of the parasites have suffered through. The horrors of Mt. Krag have spread this far east. If the Warforged fail to stop them here the infestation will continue south and all hope for Crinoa will be lost.

This is the Pergisursians doing. They let them free to ravage our country. More and more of our kinsmen die every day at the hands of the Warforged while the parasites slay host after host, multiplying beyond reason. I saw the town square last night where their nest is J. It was a nightmare born straight from the minds of demons. The entire square was covered in them, writhing and pulsing to some kind of chanting that the infected repeat every night. It’s like they are trying to summon something, and I plan to be there to stop it.

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Session 32

Whisper woke in a musty cell, the walls of which were illuminated only by a weak candle sitting on the small table near the cot where she had been sleeping. For a moment she was confused, but then she remembered the argument she had had with Sin Rothos about the girl and their orders. The last thing she remembered of the argument was the hilt of Sin Rothos’ sword crashing into her face. It would seem that he grew restless with the chase.

Her face still hurt. That meant that she hadn’t been healed by any of her attendants. She idly wondered if they yet drew breath. They were competent Fateweavers but wouldn’t have been powerful enough to stop Sin Rothos. Killing them would be a great sin, but she was certain that Sin Rothos held enough influence at this point to be considered beyond reproach. Besides, it was likely that if he had killed them he would have accused them of interfering with what he would call ‘Affairs of the State’. This was likely the charge she faced as well, for not taking the girl back by force when she had the chance.

He never was a good listener though. She had explained to him that the girl wasn’t with them anymore and that interfering with the giant’s business was not a sound strategy, especially when one took into consideration the large temple full of angry gorgons just up the road. She had urged caution, he had pressed for action, and the argument turned physical like it typically did.

She would not stand for this any longer. Sin Rothos had to learn to obey or all of her planning would be for naught.

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Whispers in the Shadows
Session 31

Drexen Rav looked at the faces of the men he had hired. “I must have that gem, don’t bother me with the ramifications. It must be retrieved before the temple knows where it is. Morgue, you have the lead on this. Get me the gem. Don’t take any prisoners. Execute your plan quickly before the authorities can respond, you and your men do not want to tangle with the Justicarius.”

Morgue, the skin on his face pulled tight from years of desiccation, met Drexen’s gaze. “Ay boss, don’t worry none about us. You hired us to get the job done, we’ll do it.”

Morgue stood, ligaments creaking, until he had reached his full height. He leaned on his club and looked down on his team. “Alright boys. You heard the boss. You know the way we do this. Dark and furious, right men? Dark and furious.”

The men clapped their fists to their black breastplates in response, their dead eyes seeing nothing.

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Autumnal Somnolence
Session 30

They would soon be arriving. That’s all that was written on the missive I received last night.


I pondered the implications, languid in my dream-state.

This “They”, is it the Other? Impossible. Is it the children of the dark goddess? Was it possible that they had heard my voices and came running? Unlikely. This “They”, the dogs of the Empress herself to come nipping at my heels? Minions of the shattered gods? Denizens of the sundered realm? More likely.

An image of terrible retribution floats by as I gaze on, full of flames and blood and pain and torment. A portent of my future? Possibly. A portent of the future of “They”? Quite possibly. A meaningless vision? Also likely, prophecy is a fickle magic.

“They” would be here soon enough. Then “They” would see the truth of the matter, the lies that hide them torn like gossamer in the wind. “They” would know her truth and would understand her implications.

I’ll see to that.

Player Journals for session 30:
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Tic Tic the Loon
Session 29

They’d never find it, no they wouldn’t. I hid it so well in that big crate by the stairs, the one with the anchor on it. I wonder why there is an anchor on it? Maybe it’s because the box is near the boats?

Tic Tic shrugged to himself in the darkness. He continued wandering down the street while avoiding the Lux patrols. Briefly he thought he saw a flash of light from the tower at the center of town, but then the sensation was gone and he wasn’t sure why he had thought it happened to begin with. It was still dark outside and most of the townsfolk were avoiding the docks on account of the celebration happening there.

Tic Tic frowned his disapproval towards the careening half-giant on the airship but, as usual, no one took notice. Odd day for a celebration, yes? The head of their god is missing and they throw a party… and they told him that HE was the fool. He’d show them, he would. Had already started to actually now didn’t he?

Tic Tic grinned to himself and eyed the crate again. Quickly! Just a peek, one mustn’t let oneself draw such attention as the contents of that crate would draw. It would be scandalous. They’d want to take him in for question time again and he didn’t want that. Not that they could catch him anymore anyways. His friend had told him that Tic Tic had immunity.

Tic Tic had a friend. Who spoke. This was a significant development in his life. He hadn’t had a friend who spoke in such a long time. He had seen that strange woman last night at the party, but she hadn’t said anything to him even though she had looked right at him. He hated it when people ignored him. His new friend hadn’t ignored him though, he had brought Tic Tic up from the dark places beneath the grotto and looked at him. Spoke to him. Touched his shoulder.

In return, Tic Tic had agreed to hide the sack for his friend. Then he was off on an adventure.


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