Campaign of the Month: February 2016

Rise of the Durnskald

The Infested Grotto
Session 4

In Argle’s old journal Krellem found only mystery. Was Argle hiding something? It certainly would appear so as the entire journal is written in a strange cipher. Seeking answers the aid of The Apothecus Luminary is sought, though they too have questions. Questions whose answers lie just beneath the surface in a grotto on the other side of the bay. Questions whose answers can only be found once the villainous vermin that inhabit the grotto are slain. Questions whose answers only serve to raise additional and more worrisome questions.


Safe Harbor
Session 3


There were fifty-seven passengers and eighty crew members on the San’Gill when she left the port at Pergisursia. Of those one-hundred and thirty-seven people there were only five that survived the crash and made it to The Alabaster Isle. They seem to have brought something back with them though, an air of corruption, nearly undetectable and fleeting like a half-remembered dream. Something else was on that wrecked airship, something far more cunning and powerful than Cinder the Reborn.

Now they must decide what path they will pursue to rid themselves of the caress of evil.

Perhaps The Apothecus Luminary with all their healers and potions? Maybe the champions of House Alabaster? Perhaps even the vast knowledge hidden within the libraries of House Blackshade?

Cinder and Fury
Session 2

Salin’ess-khahaan worked hard to rescue her comrades from the watery graves that awaited them. While dragging her friends to safety she noticed what appeared to be an animated corpse struggling to reach her. She locked it in the remnants of the stairway to the Observation Deck, where it struggled to reach her. While it was there it changed into something else in a flash of orange light.

When the thing wasn’t able to get through the doorway it chose to go around, attacking Salin’ess-khahaan while she tended to her wounded friends. A short struggle later and the thing was wounded enough to flee, cursing her name in the process. Once the group was recovered enough they attempted to gather what resources they could, with Argle Fairweather being fatally wounded while retrieving the lifeboat. Whatever it was that took his life strongly resembled the creature that fled earlier.


A Ride to Remember
Session 1

Argle was interrupted while entertaining his friends during dinner by some shouting coming from the upper viewing deck that separates the cabin and freight chambers of the airship from the ballast chambers. Upon investigation his friends found that the ship was having serious issues navigating in the storm, mainly due to taking evasive actions to avoid incoming flaming projectiles.

Sadly, the grand airship San’Gill was struck directly in its ballast chambers, causing it to come partially apart in midair. This caused the lower portion of the ship (which was designed to glide in case of emergencies) to plummet into the inky black of the Sea of Storms.



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