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  • The Imperius

    Excerpt from a Crinoan Consulate propagandist leaflet: The Imperius was destroyed by an Institution airship during a firefight above the swamplands of central [[Crinoa | Crinoa]]. The airship in question, owned by fugitive [[:linden-windborn | Linden …

  • Crinoa

    [[File:382107 | class=media-item-align-center | wINXyZK.jpg]] Crinoa, the floating continent. Crinoa is home to over three hundred thousand technologically advanced people. Airships and mechanical servants are fairly commonplace, as are automatons …

  • Archeusio Rex'Amon

    Archeusio Rex'Amon comes from a long line of Crinoan nobility, dating back many thousands of years. Officially he is the Seneschal of the Consulate and is currently filling the roles of Grand Arbiter and Grand Judge and has effectively seized control of …

  • Markus Endrok

    Markus Endrok was once one of "The Six", the ruling members of The Consulate. Things haven't gone well for him since his airship was shot down and he met Cinder.

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