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  • Whisper

    !(media-item-align-center)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/246538/angry_flame_eye_by_DarkDragonNightMare.jpg(Whisper the Nightmare Seer)! Whisper Veldra Mayfevr is a [[The Durnskald | Durnskald]] woman of great power and influence, serving …

  • Rav Helster

    Rav was part of [[The Chapter of the Onyx Eye | The Chapter of the Onyx Eye]] and during one of the battles with [[The Shadow Veil | The Shadow Veil]] one of the creatures were able to fatally wound Rav. Rav was a brother to [[:talaver-helster | …

  • Cinder the Reborn

    !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/293071/ch-cinder.jpg?1391661957(ch-cinder.jpg)! Please note that the appearances listed below do not always correlate with what was witnessed during a session, due to the third person nature …

  • Samuel Benthos

    Samuel Benthos is the innkeeper of "The Golden Flagon", a modest inn located on [[The Alabaster Isle | The Alabaster Isle]]. He is married to [[:ilsa-benthos | Ilsa Benthos]]. Rumor has it that he and his wife are associated with House Derth.

  • Ilsa Benthos

    Ilsa works with her husband [[:samuel-benthos | Samuel Benthos]] in "The Golden Flagon", an inn located on [[The Alabaster Isle | The Alabaster Isle]]. Rumor has it that she and her husband are associated with House Derth.

  • Summer Sky

    Summer was found washed up in the wreckage of the San'Gill. Unconscious and unresponsive, she was taken to [[The Chapter of the Argent Archon | The Chapter of the Argent Archon]] to see what could be done to improve her condition. There they found that …

  • Osgaroth and Wal

    Osgaroth was a Tsochar of the warrior caste and was sent on the invasion of Burcia. There, he met the wrong end of several fists, a large sword, and a large hammer. Repetitively. Reference: Session 27 [[Osgaroth and his host | Osgaroth and his host]]

  • Harold Geneseve

    dipshitidiot asshole who attacks cats. And apparently he was evil because the staff fried his ass when he touched it. GM Edit: Wow guys, how very "descriptive".

  • High Exarch Raster

    Raster is one of the legendarily powerful Magi of old, serving as one of their three High Exarchs. He is credited with the creation of the spells, rituals, and spell-forms that were used to create the [[Towers of the Magi]]. Unfortunately this …

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