Age of Attrition

The Age of Attrition

The history of Galavan is split into several large spans of time commonly referred to as “Ages”. There have been several ages in the past spanning many thousands of years, the current age is known as “The Age of Attrition”. It started when the Outsider known as Zetil and the The Empire of Farris vanished from the world, being birthed by the massive wars and destruction that followed. Civilization dwindled as man turned against man and brother turned against brother, resulting in the fall of several once prosperous countries.

A1: The Empire of Farris vanished without a trace from the northern tip of Galavan. The old Pantheon is thrown into chaos and disorder when The Outsider vanished, resulting in a massive power vacuum. The Redemptor Demiscals Libram is written and placed in the care of House Auvraela’hass. Clerics that worshipped The Outsider found themselves completely without power, which didn’t bode well for the increasingly plagued masses. The Rain of Seeds continued for several weeks as well, spoiling food and water sources and destroying many older roads and game trails.

A2: Civil war erupts in Garant due to food shortages and wide spread disease. The King was slain by followers of Llilian during a coup attempt in the middle of the winter season. With the King of Garant eliminated his eldest son took the throne. Religious conflicts are common. Barbarians from the Everwinter plains invade northern Felheim, catching Felheim completely off guard and resulting in the loss of several villages and settlements along the norther border.

A3: The government of Garant collapses due to a successful military coup, citizens begin fleeing the country in a mass exodus south. This in turn increased the food and shelter demand of the Elves of The Armantis Forest beyond what they could handle. The Dwarves of Armantis sealed their mountain keeps, forbidding entry to the refugees. War breaks out between the Elven nation of Armantis and the Dwarven clanholds, resulting in a massive loss of life on both sides when the Ogres of The Ashwaste attacked from the west lead by one they called “The Slavewarden”. The Elven army found itself caught between the Dwarven clanholds in the east and the attacking Ogres from the west and was crushed between them in the devastation of The Battle of Greenway. Refugees from the Elven nation, the Dwarven nation, and other natives flee, increasing the strain on the economies of Old Arcadia, Derth-Pendul, and The Scaled Isles, as well as the nomads in The Wilds. Meanwhile skirmishes in Felheim continue to strain the nations populace while undead from The Forsaken Land start attacking from the mountain passes in southern Felheim. Followers of Zetil are ostracized in most settlements, executed in others.

A4: Tyranthius falls to demonic invasion, its people broken and enslaved. Garant devolves into bandit lords claiming what dominions they can, systematically wiping each other out as the remaining population dwindles. All of northern Felheim is lost when the armies are recalled to defend the capital from the undead threat. Fighting and riots break out in Derth-Pendul between the Elven and Dwarven factions while the Ogre war machine directs its attention to the south of The Ashwaste once again. Elementals attack the ports of Organith, crushing their navy (often literally) and forcing the citizens further inland. Several members of the Dragon Council of The Scaled Isles abdicate their positions and retreat to their lairs in response to pressure from the council due to disagreements in regards to how to handle the huge influx of refugees. Refugees from The Wilds pour west in to Organith with tales of terrible beasts with the skins of men and the eyes of nightmares ravaging through the jungle and slaying everything they could find, monsters who came from The Darklands across the sea.

A5: Fighting continues between the various factions in Derth-Pendul and the Ogres. Old Arcadia seals the mountain passes leading into the country in an attempt to stave off starvation and rioting while sickness spreads throughout the population like wildfire. Refugees abruptly stop coming from The Wilds. Felheim collapses from the joint efforts of the barbarians from Everwinter and the undead from The Forsaken Lands. The ground itself turns against the denizens of Blackwater Isle as the island becomes the epicenter of a massive earthquake, decimating the city and plunging most of it underwater. The people of Organith have been pushed all the way up river from the ocean’s edge by the continuing Elemental assault. Empress Ligeia’s first brood of six hatchlings hatches, three are Yuanti Pureblood females, three Couatl males.

A6: Derth-Pendul continues to struggle against the invading force from The Ashwaste. Survivors from Felheim set sail for Pergisursia, they never arrive. All contact with Old Arcadia has been lost. Refugees from Blackwater Isle arrive at the gates of Pergisursia and are admitted within the city walls at the order of House Auvraela’hass, much to the trepidation of the cities living residents. Organith‘s remaining military is crushed by the Elementals and the survivors flee north into the grasslands south of Old Arcadia where their long standing enemies The Greenscales live. They aren’t heard from again.

The fighting within the borders of Derth-Pendul intensifies to the point where the northern most settlements have been completely overrun and the only thing keeping the Ogre tide at bay is the strategic actions of the Gate Wardens stationed in the nations capital.

A8: Derth-Pendul‘s capital city is razed after the Ogres manage to finally breach the walls while the citizens who didn’t escape in time are savagely beaten to death and hurled from the cities rooftops. The Gate Wardens are hunted down to the last member, extinguishing their once proud traditions of honor and sacrifice. Defensive lines fall back to the southern reaches of Derth-Pendul while the frantic populace attempts to flee en-mass through the Arcadian Gate, only to find plague and sickness on the other side. A fleet of human refugees (the last of its kind) set sale for Pergisursia, totaling 21,000 survivors among thirty six ships.

A9: Derth-Pendul finally falls to the Ogres, marking the last major country from the Age of the Citadel to fall.


Age of Attrition

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