Age of the Citadel

The Age of the Citadel was a span of history that lasted for 6958 years, beginning when the Age of Lies came to an end and ending when Talus ascended to godhood. It was an Age dominated by sentient undead who ruled continent spanning empires, the rise and fall of The Magi, and the cataclysmic arrival and departure of The Outsider.

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To be continued!


The Age of the Citadel


  • The Age of the Citadel begins when The Empire of Farris uses The Grand Citadel’s advantageously strategic position to maneuver their golem forces against the Kingdom of Urt-Olsa, whose Magi based military was powerless to stop.

  • C4

  • After years of harsh war and bitter defeat the Kingdom of Urt-Olsa surrenders their remaining territory to The Empire of Farris.

  • C6

  • The three major councils of Magi, High Exarch Raina’s, High Exarch Invio’s, and High Exarch Malarth’s, convene to discuss measures to drive out the remaining Titans from their strongholds.
  • Urt-Olsan rebels stage several protests in their old capital Kerridoum, resulting in a need for an increased military presence.

  • C7

  • The Magi launch attacks against the remaining rebelling forces of the Shao-Tsur and completely destroy their stronghold Gentrus Rock in the process. In less than a months time the area is repopulated by the Magi, founding the city known as Addera.

  • C8

  • The Magi engage in a brief territory dispute with The Empire of Farris over who owns the lands surrounding the Ahz-Ariel Mountain range. The Magi had sought to claim it for the rich resources that lay within but were quickly rebuffed by the forces of Farris who were quick to laugh the incident off.

  • C9 to C16

  • The Magi drive out and enslave the vast majority of the remaining Titans.

  • C21

  • The lost heir to the Urt-Olsan throne emerges from the Askirri Jungle, leading a massive army of Lizardfolk, Yuan Ti, and various other races. They declare war on The Empire of Farris and attack Askirri Outpost, razing it to the ground. Retaliation is swift and merciless, the lost heir is skinned alive and nailed to a post as a warning to others not to cross Farris.

  • C22

  • Urt-Olsan rebel attacks continue to hound the trade-routes of Farris. Spies confirm that the ancient Askirri City-States have been harboring the rebels deep within the jungle, where the golem army has difficulty maneuvering.

  • C24

  • The Arcane Council of Farris comes up with a plan to permanently deal with the Urt-Olsan rebels and their Askirri friends. It will take several years to perfect their plan, in the meantime more outposts along their trade-routes are built.

  • C25

  • The Ur-Priests warn The Magi that the The Empire of Farris are channeling immense levels of divine magic, enough to physically move a few of the ley-lines of energy that run through Varnel. A delegation is formed and sent to The Grand Citadel to attempt to talk some sense into Lord Myrenthui. The delegation is imprisoned but otherwise unharmed.

  • C26

  • The Ur-Priests attempt a ritual to cut off the divine power that The Empire of Farris is channeling. The ritual fails catastrophically. The people of the Askirri City-States become alarmed when odd things start happening all over their cities. Milk curdles, plants wither away, animals become crazed and flee, and there is a sharp rise in the number of children that are stillborn.

  • C27

  • Both the Ur-Priests and The Magi station troops within the City-States in an attempt to thwart whatever it is that The Empire of Farris is doing. They learn all to soon and too late to escape. Lord Myrenthui finally completes the spell he was casting, bringing The Plane of Death coterminous with the entire Askirri Jungle and surrounding countryside. Every spark of life within is extinguished instantly. Although the touch of Nerull was brief, the land itself was rendered barren and useless. Over six hundred thousand lives were ended that day. The entire Askirri civilization is wiped from existence, only the buildings were left standing and even they began slowly sinking into the bog-like land. Land which is so infused with evil and death that undead creatures begin to reanimate randomly within it.