Ahz-Radamant, God of Destruction, The Scaled Fang

Ahz radamant

Ahz-Radamant is a huge and monstrous red and gold scaled serpent who (during the Age of Lies and the Age of the Citadel) was tasked with destroying the unnecessary components of creation. In the legends that survived from those times it is stated that Ahz-Radamant may have been responsible for the disaster that destroyed The Titans. He is thought to be the author of The Book of Destruction. On several occasions he has clashed with Llilian, always with explosive and destructive results, including the complete obliteration of Llilian’s old stronghold (which was known as Ender’s Keep).

Ahz-Radamant is an ancient deity. His tales and stories have been traced back through the ages placing him at the beginning of known history, existing even before The Titans. His purpose appears to have always been destruction, very methodical and precise destruction implemented in a very controlled manner. It is for this reason that many believe Ahz-Radamant may have once been a god dedicated to the concept of entropy.

He is thought to be the progenitor of the Yuan-ti, although Ahz-Radamant behaves completely differently in Yuan-ti mythology. Known as The Scaled Fang he acted as a vast and ancient force of untold destruction and chaos, one who was imprisoned beneath the world to keep him from completely destroying all life. It is known that he was at one point imprisoned in such a manner but the reason for his imprisonment is unknown and it occurred much more recently than the legends would seem to indicate.

Ahz-Radamant generally cares little for his followers and finds the Yuan-ti legends of himself fascinating and utterly amusing. Scholars think that the Ahz-Radamant that the Yuan-ti follow may not be one god, but may instead be an amalgamation of Llilian and Ahz-Radamant. There is little factual evidence to support that theory at this time.

Ahz-Radamant favors two forms. Most of the time he appears as a tall human male, well muscled and with long unkempt fire-red hair, blood red eyes, dressed in red chainmail. In this form he has a massive fire-red beard and wields his great axe Gelthor. His other form is far less mundane and far more terrifying, appearing as a gargantuan red serpent with gold and black diamond patterns. His head alone is the size of a small building in this form, with six foot long fangs and a mouth that is like looking into the essence of nightmares. His eyes shine bright with an inner fire of such heat and malevolence that few beings can meet his gaze.

Followers of Ahz-Radamant are very precise and cautious people, only doing what is needed. They are very careful to live lives of moderation as they are quite prone to emotional and physical outbursts if they let their control slip. They can be overbearing at times but are dedicated and fiercely loyal. As a rule Followers of Ahz-Radamant hate the Followers of The Redeemer and will attack them on sight, as both gods are dedicated to destruction (albeit it in entirely different ways).


  • Followers of Ahz-Radamant get a -4 divine penalty on Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and Bluff checks.
  • Followers of Ahz-Radamant who have the “Rage” ability must succeed on a Concentration check (dc 10 + ECL) whenever they are provoked (DM discretion) to avoid activating their ability subconsciously and going berserk.
  • Followers of Ahz-Radamant are forbidden from dealing damage of any sort to snakes. This does not apply to Couatl, Naga, or Yuan-ti, they are intelligent and thus may be harmed as normal.


  • All Followers of Ahz-Radamant gain the “Rage” ability as if they were a 1st level Barbarian, they can use this ability a number of times per day equal to their Charisma bonus. If they already have the Rage ability as a class feature then their rages last for an additional number of rounds equal to their Charisma bonus and can Rage an additional number of times per day equal to their Charisma bonus.
  • All Followers of Ahz-Radamant gain Fire Resistance 15.
  • Clerics of Ahz-Radamant may choose from the Courage, Destruction, Fire, and Planning Domains, and his favored weapon is the Great Axe.


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