Another stupid evening

Just another stupid evening.

I almost suffocated (or drowned) tonight because a giant ooze cube pulled Sorathin and I underwater. Gah, I really don’t enjoy this ‘adventuring’ nonsense. I would really prefer to sleep in a proper bed and to eat real food.

At least Thoragen made that goodberry bracelet, hurray for not having to eat rations. Oh, Thoragen killed an aboleth tonight. Thank goodness; my mother had told me stories of them. I am relieved it was destroyed before it could meddle with the minds of anyone present.

I wonder where Krellem was? It is very unlike him to not be at hand and ready when situations arise. Oh well, these things happen. None of us can be expected to be available constantly.

I do miss the comforts of spending the majority of my time in a city. ‘Roughing it’ is not something I ever had an interest in doing. If I didn’t think the safety of our people was at stake, I would never waste my time gallivanting around with this odd collection of individuals. I don’t know if any of what we are doing will even amount to anything. I can only hope so; I miss things being normal. I miss feeling like our people are safe.

Another stupid evening

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