Back at the Elemental Kingdom

We came back to the Elemental Kingdom and made our reports. Thoragen will spend some time during the next few days making a goodberry bracelet for the party. That will be wonderful; we will be able to eat something other than those wretched rations while we are travelling without Krellem having to waste a spell to make proper food.

Jerrica is quite taken with our new baby. She wanted to draw a picture of per, so this is it:

So far, Jerrica has made a few drawings and they are pretty cute. I wouldn’t be surprised if she became quite good if she keeps it up.

Baby’s feathers are slowing coming in. They are still fairly spikey and delicate looking. It is amazing to hold such a small creature. Per seems curious and appears to enjoy peeking out of the pocket of my wrap and looking around. I’m glad I stocked up on metal shavings; per has quite an appetite.

Per is resting right now. I suppose I should as well. I am not certain how long we will be in town before traveling to another temple.

Back at the Elemental Kingdom

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