Bourn, Goddess of Knowledge and Magic, The Mad Mage


Legend has it that during the Age of the Citadel Bourn was a mortal woman who ascended to godhood after a great tragedy struck her life, through the use of the forbidden knowledge from The Book of Destruction. She was a member of the Pantheon of Zetil, she is the founder of the current Pantheon, and is the main author of the Redemptor Demiscals Libram.

She typically appears as she did in life; a short human woman of pale skin, blue eyes, and astounding beauty, with straight blond floor-length hair. She is usually dressed in a plain white robe with sky blue trim.

Followers of Bourn are tasked with uncovering secrets and sharing knowledge, this puts them in nearly direct opposition with the Followers of Talus and skirmishes between the two groups aren’t uncommon. They lean towards serious attitudes and scholarly mindsets, although they are fabled to have a bit of a sadistic side when they have been wronged.


  • Followers of Bourn get a penalty to Bluff checks equal to their ECL.
  • Followers of Bourn are forbidden from knowingly lying to each other.


  • All Followers of Bourn get a +2 Divine bonus to their will saves.
  • All Followers of Bourn get a +4 Divine bonus to all of their Knowledge checks.
  • Clerics of Bourn may choose from the Magic, Knowledge, Spell, and Madness Domains, and her favored weapon is the dagger.


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