Brachina, Goddess of the Tyrants, Master of Concubines


Brachina was once a normal succubus, destined for a life of stealing the lifeforce of others. She made a pact with a certain lich during the Age of the Citadel that lead to her destruction at the hands of her own son. Talus wasn’t happy with how his pact with her had turned out and decided that she was still of some use to him, so he bound her tattered body and errant soul to a being known as a Holocaust Disciple. With her renewed vigor and great power Brachina was ready to serve Talus again, and despite being defeated again she rose to godhood when Talus ascended. Hers is a name both feared and worshiped.

Brachina is still clearly a succubus, she’s just a succubus who is wreathed in flames with eyes like molten iron.

Followers of Brachina are too chaotic to organize into any kind of social structure for more than a few days, so there aren’t any established churches in her name. There is the occasional shrine dedicated to her and most brothels have an alcove dedicated to her worship as well. Her followers are passionate and obstinate, reveling as hard as they rage (and sometimes both simultaneously). They are quick to anger, quick to love, treacherous, murderous, and sensual.


  • Followers of Brachina cannot be lawful aligned
  • Followers of Brachina cannot be good aligned
  • Followers of Brachina get a -4 Divine Penalty on Will saves


  • Followers of Brachina get a +2 Divine Bonus on Reflex saves
  • Followers of Brachina get a +4 Divine Bonus on Bluff, Intimidate, and Perform checks
  • Clerics of Brachina can choose from the Celerity, Charm, Domination, Fire, and Envy domains, and her favored weapon is the whip.


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