Chanwyen, Goddess of Sorrow and Hope, The Tearful Maiden


Holy Symbol:
A pair of silver feathered wings on a maroon background. These are said to represent the wings that she lost when she fell from Zetil’s grace, with the background color symbolizing her blood.

There is an old legend that details Chanwyen’s origins. During the Age of the Citadel while the Zetil Pantheon was in power Chanwyen was among the most beautiful creatures on Galavan, a golden haired beauty whose four pairs of angelic wings literally shone with divine splendor. She was thought to be The Outsider’s most favored servant and was entrusted with his greatest divine secrets. At that point Chanwyen was the personification of Hope itself.

It is said that Bourn had begged the gods to let her husband be resurrected (he had been brutally murdered) but that it was The Outsider itself that was blocking the attempts to revive him. Chanwyen consulted The Book of Destruction against The Outsider’s wishes in an effort to help Bourn. Chanwyen understood The Outsider’s motives after reading the book but was so moved by Bourn’s misery and despair that her divine aura became tainted by sorrow.

Chanwyen fell from favor when Bourn ascended to godhood by using The Book of Destruction. Most scholars cannot agree on exactly why this happened but some have theorized that Chanwyen herself gave The Book of Destruction to Bourn, damning Chanwyen and casting her from Zetil’s divine grace. She wandered Galavan until the fall of the Zetil Pantheon, at which point her divine spark was restored.

There was also a prophecy that was attributed to her, detailing the end of the Age of the Citadel. “When Hope’s last light fades the word shall be known, Darkness will return to Darkness and the three will become one, only then can the Other be banished from whence it came and with it’s loss the light of the people shall perish.” Much of this prophecy’s meaning is unclear even to this day.

Chanwyen also has the distinction of creating an entire race of people, the Gorgons, who worship her fervently. House Esgard has ties to her through The Chapter of Lost Hope, which in turn is the warrior caste of her worshipers.

Chanwyen resembles a young Astral Deva whose four pairs of wings have been forcibly ripped off, sobbing constantly and leaving a trail of blood wherever she steps. Such is her despair that it is said that any mortal who meets her gaze is petrified instantly.

Followers of Chanwyen tend to be morose and stern. Their manner of dress favors muted tones of grey, green, or brown. Her Medusae followers always hide their faces behind veils or under specially crafted helmets but they never hide who or what they are.


  • Followers of Chanwyen do not believe in obfuscation or misdirection, they suffer a -10 divine penalty to Bluff, Forgery, and Hide checks. This penalty also applies to other skills used to hide or misdirect at the DM’s discretion.
  • Followers of Chanwyen may not cast spells with the “Illusion” descriptor.
  • Followers of Chanwyen break out in to random crying episodes whenever they fail a will save by more than five points, resulting in a -2 penalty to all skill checks, attack rolls, and saves, and must make a concentration check (dc 15 + spell level, the above penalty applies) to cast any spell. Crying episodes are a result of Chanwyen’s grief being divinely channeled to her followers and last for 1d6 minutes or until the follower makes a successful will save (dc 15 + followers ECL). Due to the concentration required attempting the will save is a full round action.


  • All Followers of Chanwyen have a +2 divine bonus to Will saves made to resist illusions and effects that control emotions.
  • All Followers of Chanwyen have a +10 divine bonus to Sense Motive checks.
  • All Followers of Chanwyen are immune to Petrification effects.
  • Once per day all Followers of Chanwyen may add a +30 divine bonus to their Jump check, four pairs of angelic wings made of light briefly shimmer into existence when this ability is activated.
  • Clerics of Chanwyen may choose from the Air, Balance, Liberation, and Renewal domains, and her favored weapon is the Two-Bladed Sword.


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