Crinoa, the floating continent.

Crinoa is home to over three hundred thousand technologically advanced people. Airships and mechanical servants are fairly commonplace, as are automatons designed for service and war. Even the wildlife is Crinoa is mechanical, having replaced the biological fauna long ago. It is thought that Crinoa is where the first of the war-forged came from.

Crinoans use two form of currency, referred to as Old Crinoan Coin and New Crinoan Coin. There is a third currency which was taken out of circulation over four thousand years ago called Ancient Crinoan, it was a mixture of paper and coin.

Ruling Body:
The Consulate


  • Burcia
  • Valley (The Capital)
  • Almsdale
  • Bestheda Garrison
  • Mossforest
  • Kardak

Places of Note:

  • Solomon’s Point, ruins of a once proud city
  • Mt. Krag, former dwarven fortress turned prison
  • Sumer’s Gate, ancient and massive stone gate embedded in the side of a mountain
  • Sumer’s Tower, ancient stronghold of the Magi Exarch Sumer
  • Kardak Plagueruins, seat of the previous line of Crinoan nobility and deserted ruin


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