History is more than just the measure of passing time. As such, this category is split into several sections of historical significance.

Timeline of History
The timeline of Ahz-Azzex is split into three known Ages, anything preceding the Age of Lies has been lost.
The Age of Lies is the earliest known Age, dominated by the rise and fall of Titan civilization.
The Age of the Citadel is the second known Age, consisting of the rise and fall of The Empire of Farris and punctuated with death and bloodshed.
The Age of Attrition is the current Age, chronicling the rise of the Pergisursian empire.

Historical Events
Arcadian Meteor
The Rain of Seeds

Historical Places
Old Arcadia
The Grand Citadel

Historical Entities
The Magi
The Outsider
The Empire of Farris

Historical Items
Redemptor Demiscals Libram
Blade of the War
Elemental Fury


Rise of the Durnskald Abersade Abersade