House Alabaster

House Alabaster, seat of The Chapter of the Argent Archon, granted power over The Dominion of the Divine Light by Othanops himself as written in the Redemptor Demiscals Libram.

Established on the first year of the Age of Attrition, House Alabaster is the seat of power for the Favored Souls of The Chapter of the Argent Archon. House Alabaster’s main area of control is The Alabaster Isle, located roughly two hundred miles off the south west coast near Pergisursia.

House Politics:
Generally speaking House Alabaster refrains from proposing any significant changes during the monthly moots, as they have their own domain to govern on The Alabaster Isle.

How they view the other Houses:

  • House Auvraela’hass – They seem to think that they rule the entire world. They don’t. Our relationship hasn’t always been so friendly as it is now.
  • House Blackshade – Their books are useless without a light to read them by.
  • House Blackwater – We tolerate them, but we don’t trust those who hide in the darkness.
  • House Burcia – Fellow champions of virtue, we have aided each other on many occasions.
  • House Derth – They remind us of the librarians, but so much worse. Do not trust a word they say unless you paid good coin to hear them say it.
  • House Dresden – Kindness is a virtue, their path follows the light wherever it leads. Generous people.
  • House Eltrus – We use their Emblem Keeps frequently, whenever we need to fight back the encroaching darkness. They are not unkind, just distant.
  • House Esgard – They are fine warriors, battle tested and true to their words. Tradition is very important to them. Just don’t try to make eye contact with them.
  • House Ironfist – They forge the finest arms and armor, which we need.
  • House Io – They would be powerful allies for the right price. That price is very steep though so make sure you can pay it, you don’t want to risk their wrath.
  • House Mandragoran – While they provide a few useful services we cannot abide the frivolous nature with which they treat everything.
  • House Scalefang – They are useless savages unless you are on the water, then they are the best captains and crew you can hire.

House Alabaster

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