House Auvraela'hass

House Auvraela’hass, seat of the noble line of Empress Ligeia Lasteroff and Emperor Vir-Jil, granted power over The Dominion of the Master by Ahz-Radamant himself as noted in the Redemtor Demiscals Libram.

Established shortly before the end of the Age of the Citadel, House Auvraela’hass is the seat of royal authority in Pergisursia. Auvraela’hass translates roughly to “Kind Blood-Kin” in the Yuan Ti tongue, and it is upon this principle which the House was founded.

The members of House Auvraela’hass consist almost entirely of the Empress and Emperor and their kin, as well as the other Yuan-ti that came to Pergisursia seeking acceptance and redemption. Yuan Ti have many children and coupled with the incredible Yuan Ti lifespan House Auvraela’hass is one of the largest Houses in the kingdom.

The males born of the royal couple are almost all Couatl, they take no part in the politics of the realm. This leaves their daughters to fill in many of the courtly roles within Pergisursian society.

House Politics:
Due to House Auvraela’hass’ royal standing, all of the major Houses are treated with the same status and consideration as each other major House. All of the minor Houses are treated the same as each other as well, but they aren’t afforded the same status as the major Houses.

House Auvraela'hass

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