House Blackshade

House Blackshade, Honorguard of Vier, Seat of The Chapter of Forsaken Lore, granted power over The Dominion of the Mind by Bourn herself as written in the Redemptor Demiscals Libram.

House Blackshade was founded on the principles that knowledge is power and that forgotten lore is a tragedy. Members consider it to be their sacred duty to seek out the old texts and librams that were lost from the last age. House Blackshade accepts anyone who shares their passion for knowledge in the hopes that one day they might usher in a new age of everlasting prosperity.

House Politics:
House Blackshade is very active, proposing new laws and adjustments to old ones every month.

How they view the other Houses:

  • House Alabaster – Champions of the Light, they deal with dangerous forces constantly. Perhaps a bit too frequently, as where there is exposure to darkness there lies the possibility of corruption. Still, they fight hard to drive the darkness back and for that they deserve our kindness.
  • House Auvraela’hass – Treat with the utmost respect and consideration, as is due their station. We share many of the same beliefs.
  • House Blackwater – They keep to themselves but are helpful whenever the need arises. One can’t ask for much more really.
  • House Burcia – They are useful, if single minded. Very organized.
  • House Derth – Backstabbing missappropriators of knowledge. They are not to be trusted or tolerated.
  • House Dresden – They mean well but are wasteful of their resources, kindness isn’t always the answer.
  • House Eltrus – They are scheming and xenophobic. We have no proof that they intend harm but their actions just don’t add up.
  • House Esgard – Their burden is a sad and heavy one, leaving them wary of the world. This isn’t a bad thing, as they make for both knowledgeable friends and daunting adversaries.
  • House Ironfist – Knowledgeable, capable, and curious, everything they make is of astounding quality. They are the sole providers of our lab equipment.
  • House Io – Much can be learned from the dragons of old, as long as they aren’t actively trying to eat you. Proceed with caution and an open mind.
  • House Mandragoran – They are as good with numbers as we are with words, and they spend a significant amount of time outside The Barrier of Souls searching for lost treasures. We tell them where to look, in return they bring us back books and scrolls full of ancient text. It’s an advantageous arrangement.
  • House Scalefang – The lizardfolk appear to be little more than savages wearing shirts but there is an astounding amount of skill displayed by their captains and fishermen. They seem to understand the weather better than just about anyone else and are quite happy to tell you anything you need to know if you approach them with the correct deference and tone.

House Blackshade

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