House Scalefang

House Scalefang, Seat of the Greenscale Kings, Masters of the Sea

The roots of House Scalefang run ancient and deep, predating Pergisursia by several millenia. It was founded by the lizardfolk tribes that allied with Pergisursia in the year C6957, who were originally natives of the Organith region until they were driven from their homeland in an act of heinous mass genocide in the year C5887.

Today House Scalefang concerns itself primarily with the Pergisursian Navy and keeping the waters of the kingdom safe. They don’t care much for political scheming or trickery and are generally left out of the other House’s machinations. They only accept Lizardfolk, Medusa, and Yuant-ti into the House, other races are treated with suspicion and intolerance.

House Scalefang issues permits for ship ownership and docking rights, as well as warehousing deeds. This has lead them into conflict with The Coachmen in the past due to overlapping territories.

House Scalefang

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