Houses are large groups of Pergisursian citizens dedicated to a specific set of ideals. Generally a newly born citizen is automatically accepted into the House that their parents are members of. It is possible to renounce House membership but many who do so find that none of the other Houses will accept them, so this is rarely attempted and carries a large social stigma. Pergisursian citizens are almost all members of one of the Houses, those that are not are shunned.

The Houses themselves are split into two groups; Major Houses and Minor Houses. The difference is simple. Houses that have been granted one of the Dominions are considered Major Houses, those that have not are considered Minor Houses. All Houses both Minor or Major carry the same weight politically with the notable exception of House Auvraela’hass.

As a general rule the Houses are constantly vying for power and influence over one another, open bloodshed between members of rival Houses is common even though it is officially frowned upon.

The Major Houses of Pergisursia:

Lesser Houses:


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