Iborighu, God of Hate and Cold, The Frozen Ancient

Monster glacius large

Iborighu has existed since the beginning of recorded history and it has been theorized that his influence may have contributed to the fall of the Shazx Titan Dynasty during the Age of Lies. Worshiped originally by the peoples of northern Everwinter, Iborighu grew steadily in power and influence over the ages, finally manifesting a physical avatar shortly before the end of the Age of the Citadel with the sacrifice of his mortal agent Skurilon. What became of Iborighu’s essence after that event is unknown but he has many followers dedicated to wiping out fire and all who use it.

Iborighu’s avatar generally appears as a monstrously large ice blue iron statue, towering over one hundred and fifty feet tall and radiating an aura of cold so potent that most who encounter it are frozen solid within seconds.

Followers of Iborighu are tasked with suffocating the eternal fires of Ignus and destroying the temples devoted to Aztrinax so that none may stand in Iborighu’s way, as well as bringing the icy cold of death to nonbelievers. This stance generally pits his followers against the followers of Ignus, Aztrinax, Suriea, Alarmon, and Pergamontis, as well as The Chapter of Rigorous Plight.


  • Followers of Iborighu suffer a -4 divine penalty to Diplomacy and Bluff checks.
  • Followers of Iborighu suffer a -2 divine penalty to Reflex saves.
  • Followers of Iborighu who suffer damage from flames or heat of any type (other than Rimefire) must succeed on a Will save DC 10 + the applicable damage suffered or be shaken for the duration of the encounter.


  • All Followers of Iborighu gain cold resistance 25.
  • All Followers of Iborighu gain a +2 divine bonus to Fortitude saves.
  • Clerics of Iborighu may choose from the Cold, Winter, Hate, and Evil Domains, and his favored weapon is the Greatclub.


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