Krellem Chapter 44

Bringing Light to the Darkness
A Journal of Krellem’s Journey

Chapter 44

It’s been while… So much has happened. Where to begin…

For many months now we have been roaming the jungles and swamps to the far east of the Elemental Kingdom in our task to investigate ancient temples and ruins of the lizard folk and yuan-ti from before the collapse. On our journeys we have encountered a variety of beasts, enemies, magic, and peril.

Here are a few highlights in no particular order:

  • We found and released Rak’Noth, winged enemy of the light from the The Temple of the Sun and subsequently vanquished him. An undead dragon thing may have been released into the wild as part of this.
  • We found a portal to the realm of the durnskald (did not open). We left it guarded and safe.
  • A temple was obliterated and reduced to rubble.
  • Sorathin learned how to punch through things. Literally, punching and removing parts of them from existence.
  • I drank a slime and had to swallow a snake to kill it.
  • We found a dark place… a very dark place… that reacted explosively to light. There were evil things in there that crawled all over you and went inside you and it was bad…….. See the above about a temple that was reduced to rubble. Supposedly encountering these things is just a part of growing up according to Salin’. I could have done without it though.
  • My flame, the one I can produce at will thanks to The Dominion of the Divine Light, turned black and explosive.

Most recently we have been traveling to investigate a Yuan-ti temple and encountered a couple of ancient Yuan-ti guards. Initially they were hostile calling upon a meteor swarm down upon us. We were able to halt hostilities and talk to them but I warned Salin’ that if they became hostile again I would not hold back. She always prefers the diplomatic approach and, as they were Yuan-ti, I differed to the pricness’ wishes.

Everything seemed to be going nicely at first. After much hissing (Yanu-ti talk) one pushed everyone, except Salin’, off the cliff side landing. The guards seized her and Sorathin, who was able to barely hang on, valuated back up to try and stop them from taking her away for some evil purpose. The rest of the party ended up at the bottom of the cliff (some more elegantly than others aka Luon fell face first to the bottom).

A fire burned within me. I told Salin’ that I wouldn’t hold back and after this unprovoked attack I was angry. I was able to halt my fall and work my way back up air walking (somehow black footprints had begun appearing behind me) to the one guard that remained (the other was carrying her and Sorathin away). I tried to call down the divine fire of Othanops upon her (the guard) and to smite her with his holy light but both failed. On my way back up I triggered some sort of trap she had setup and became very confused unable to tell friend from foe.

The fire within became an inferno. Something shattered the confusion that had taken a hold of me but in doing so wounded me deeply. I was bleeding through my armor; I was slower; I was weaker; my thoughts were sluggish; I had no thoughts outside of striking down the foe that stood before me and reaching Salin’ rescuing her from her abduction.

Time slowed down; my vision became cloudy. The arcane Yuan-ti I was engaged with slowed down significantly… or I should say I speed up after hearing what my comrades told me. A fireball exploded and instead of burned I was energized. The Yuan-ti caster was glowing and stood out in the cloudy background. My strikes were swift and carried with them a searing flame of black, or was it wisps of gray… With the comrades who had been knocked off of the cliff regrouped and behind me, we cut down the evil caster and advanced to liberate Salin’.

We turned the corner and began advancing and witnessed Salin’ engaged with the other guard having broken free of the force that was holding her with the help of Sorathin. the guard, now vastly outnumbered, blinked and disappeared. Apparently retreating to fight another day. I gather the body of the slain guard, ensure the party is collected and safe, and collapse.

Luon is holding an empty potion flask to my lips and I’m lying on the ground. I was unable to move and babbling like an imbecile. I feel much better now though my vision is still cloudy. The fire isn’t burning as hot now that everyone is safe. However, it is still burning. Something has changed. I can see the glow of magic objects through the cloudiness. My fire is back to regular flame… no longer black.

I’m told my hair is no longer it’s reddish brown but a platinum blond.

My skin is no longer it’s rugged bronzed color but a paler than pale white.

I have clouds in my eyes…

Krellem Chapter 44

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