Llilian. God of Chaos, Destruction, and War. The Redeemer.


The Redeemer is wholly dedicated to destroying anything and everything that exists in the past, present, and future. He will not stop until anything that has ever been created in any fashion is ground into dust, he will not stop until the dust itself is no more, he will not stop until there is no longer even dust as a concept. In this sense Llilian is far more closely aligned to The Far Realm than any of the other deities, few of which will tolerate his existence or influence.

Llilian is somewhat unique to The Pergisursian Pantheon in that he is reborn a mortal every time he is slain, learning and mastering his powers upon reaching puberty. While his incarnations can be of any race he tends to appear as a human or elven male. During the Age of the Citadel it would take almost one hundred years before he was reborn, that is no longer the case.

Llilian has caused many of history’s biggest disasters.

  • It was his influence that initially destroyed The Key Complex and the old country of Pendulgarsh with it, killing thousands of civilians and completely obliterating over fourteen villages in the process. All in all that disaster alone razed over 100,000 square miles of countryside.
  • It was The Redeemer who caused The Ashwaste to form, enslaving the half-giants, ogres, lizardfolk, and yuan ti of the region while simultaneously burning their entire country to ash. That death toll is unknown but research shows that it was a disaster on par with the destruction of Pendulgarsh, and like Pendulgarsh the land never recovered.
  • Llilian led his forces against Derth-Pendul multiple times, carving massive swaths of destruction through the country. Ultimately his forces sacked the capital in the year A9, at which point the surviving villages attempted to flee to Pergisursia.
  • He managed to turn the gods and goddesses against each other during The War of the Magi, resulting in several of them being slain at the hands of the Ur-Priests. It is theorized that this event is what ultimately doomed the Magi to extinction.

Llilian seems drawn to civilization and always attempts to wipe it out first. The Redeemer is even thought to have ties to the old yuan ti god of destruction, along with Ahz-Radamant.

Llilian is a massively muscled man that dual wields scythes crackling with destructive potential. On average he is usually 30%-50% taller and more muscled than whatever is normal for his race. His hair always turns jet black when he gains control of his powers, he wears it straight and shoulder length. He is armored in a gold breastplate and wears a scarlet cape pinned to his shoulder.

Followers of Llilian tend to be mindless savages or brutes. They are wholly dedicated to their god’s purpose and delight in attacking, breaking, raping, destroying, shredding, tearing, and beating all who oppose them to death.


  • Followers of Llilian get a -10 divine penalty on Diplomacy and Bluff checks.
  • Followers of Llilian who have the “Rage” ability always use it on the first round of combat.


  • All Followers of Llilian gain an additional +4 Str and +4 Con when raging, and may rage three more times per day.
  • All Followers of Llilian get a +10 divine bonus on Intimidate checks.
  • Clerics of Llilian may choose from the Chaos, Destruction, Domination, Evil, Hatred, and Madness Domains, and his favored weapon is the Scythe.


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