Luon's Journal - Session 116

[Seesion 116]

After a brief discussion with Thoragen, he whipped up some levitate infusions and I lowered him into the pit with Krellem. Thoragen tied the rope to the skull then levitated them all up and I reeled them in with the rope. Before leaving the grotto, we discovered a magical aura in the third pool. Investigating, we found what appeared to be the body of Argle Fairweather. This was extremely odd, because he had been lost at sea over two years ago. The entire body had a magical aura, but we couldn’t figure out why. Krellem wrapped him in a cloak and we started carrying him back with us. We didn’t get far before body started to squirm. Krellem dropped it and tsochar started emerging from the body. They were quickly destroyed with magical fire, followed by some sort of comet spell that Krellem had available to him.

With the tsochar destroyed, we continued bringing the skull back to the city proper. Before going too far, Cara checked the skull for any additional creatures – none were found. That night a big celebration was had. In the morning, we decided to go to the ruined city of Corbus in old Derth Pendul to track down the Medius Libre that got away from us in the Library. As we began to approach the city, we began to spot ogre encampments that were flying the crow flag of Xax. The closer we got, the more frequent the encampments. We took the airship higher to avoid being spotted – and shot at. Upon arrival at what should have been the ruins of the city, we discovered it was undergoing a full scale rebuild. There was a gilded castle at the center. On the roof of the castle, looking straight at us was Lillian. The castle flew his flag, as well as Xax’s, so it appears the two have teamed up and were amassing an army.

We quickly discussed tactics on how to deal with this new threat. We needed to hit them before they were ready, and the only thing we could think of to do was to bring Ozzo up here and basically drop an Ozzo bomb. Several discussions ensued with the Emperor, Renaldo, and Avrellos. Renaldo teleported Avrellos and Ozzo to the deck of the ship. Lillian appears to be attempting to muster his arbalists to shoot at us, and Avrellos is having a hushed conversation with Ozzo. I’m thinking having Entyrronifus here wouldn’t hurt either…

Luon's Journal - Session 116

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