Luon's Journal - Session 117

[Session 117]

…and BOOM!

Avrellos leapt off the ship, taking Ozzo’s halfling form with him. On the way down, he said something to Ozzo, then cast him off, at which point Ozzo’s form changed to that of a dragon. The stupidly gargantuan black dragon. As Ozzo hit the ground, completely crushing everything underneath, likely including Lillian, we could hear him yell “The ogres said what?”. He then proceeded to lay waste to Derth Pendul and any ogre he spotted. Avrellos returned to the ship and told us we should probably leave. When asked what he told Ozzo, he said that he told Ozzo that it was the ogres that were keeping his secret from him because they thought he was too stupid to be a dragon.

Avrellos was going to stay behind and keep an eye on Ozzo, but as the ship was departing, Ozzo caught up to us. He didn’t seem to remember much after we found him in his mountain home in Crinoa, but he said he “gets the warm-fuzzies” when he sees us, so he was inclined to let us leave unharmed. We thanked him and went on our way. Welcome to your new home, Ozzo.

Avrellos decided to come with us at that point. We dropped him off near the Key Complex and he teleported himself back home from there. Onward to the Elemental Kingdom, where we intend to check on the temple that leads to the door to the darklands. During the trip we discovered that the ship is much larger than it looks. With the help of crew members, we are able to access the other inter-dimensional layers of the ship through the main stairwell. It’s practically an entire keep unto itself. Even Thoragen was unaware until now, and he’s the one that made the deal for the ship. Thoragen and I had a brief conversation about a certain gem he was carrying. He confirmed that he had it again after the time loop and we decided there was no way to know whether or not Salizar would come looking for it again.

Luon's Journal - Session 117

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