Luon's Journal - Session 53-54

This whole temple seems to be nothing more than elaborate trap. Possibly designed to keep anyone from getting at the door, I don’t know. We should have just left it alone.

We didn’t do what I suggested – disarming all the corpses – before trying to remove the staff. The corpses all came to life, of course. After defeating all of them, and barely surviving, we figured out that replacing the staff and locking it back into place resets the whole thing. Anyone holding the staff has control of the corpses, which all reform once the trap is reset. It looks like their armor and weapons are permanently broken though. We did the same thing to the black corpses on the other side, but that was before we realized what was going on. Krellum sent a message to his chapter head, who told him that they were sending contingents from House Eltrus and House Burcia. We waited for about a week. During this time, we puttered around the temple. The giant cats became friendly towards us, which was a wonderful experience.

The contingents finally arrived, and the cats were not happy about it. The mother cat became very hostile towards the two groups. House Eltrus’ was lead by none other than the druid we had encountered outside the barrier. His name is Isthmus. Once he conceded that we had some idea what we were doing, our interactions with him became less hostile. As Krellum and I were explaining to Isthmus about the traps, the leader of the Burcia group – Harold – tried to attack the mother cat – to his own detriment. He was nothing more than a playtoy to her. She didn’t trust him, and rightly so. He seemed to have his own agenda here. Once we got her to let him up, and got him out of his now dented armor, she reluctantly let him inside with us, at which he proceeded to do things we told him not to. He tried to grab the staff while we were showing Ithsmus the button, and the staff completely destroyed him. It must be aligned to destroy evil beings.

Using the staff, we then instructed the undead lizardfolk warriors to wait until after we left, then attack anything they found roaming the halls. The remainder of the contingent has been instructed not to go down there. We left the lot of them setting up camp for thier extended stay.

Ithmus walked with us as we went back to the beach head for some further discussion of what he had told us when we first encountered him. He made Sirathen get into his bag of holding so he couldn’t hear. The discussion was of his house – Eltrus. It seems that there is something very strange going on in the upper levels of the house. Those members chosen to maintain the barrier are hand picked, and the method of the choosing is unknown to those lower down in the house. Nobody even seems to know who the head of the house is.

Luon's Journal - Session 53-54

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