Luon's Journal - Session 60-61

What the hell just happened?

I woke to the feeling that something was pulling on me. When I looked around, Sorathen and Krellum were gone. Moments later, Thoragen and Selin disappeared as well. At first I thought it was Whisper’s doing, but checking on her revealed she was not only still unconscious, but appeared to be getting worse. I did the only thing I could think of and that was to heal her. It took two tries with the assistance of my belt, but she seemed to be better, but still out. A couple minutes later she snapped awake, saying something bad was about to happen to the rest of the group.

When pressed, she said she didn’t remember attacking us the night before and the last thing she remembered was being tortured. It sort of made sense to me. I wish we had more time for talk, but I had to free her in order to save the rest of the group. First she disappeared without so much as a goodbye, then a few seconds later the rest of the group dropped back into place, along with a lot of bodies and a crapton of corrupted land. She never did return. The bodies appeared to be from the durnskald warrior caste. The rest of the group must have been pulled into the shadow realm where a trap was waiting. Krellum was engulfed in some sort of ring of fire. A voice inside my head said to knock him out – it had to have been her. I did as instructed. I feel that all Krellum’s new abilties are tied to the cleansing of the heart. It’s likely that he did what he wasn’t supposed to when he picked up the beating heart – attuned himself to it. This could be exceptionally dangerous for us.

Once Krellum woke back up, we had to deal with all the corrupted land. We sent for materials to help clean it up. It’s going to take weeks, I think. While we wait for materials, Krellum has to cast a lot of spells to keep it from spreading too far.

Luon's Journal - Session 60-61

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