Luon's Journal - Session 72 through 74

[Session 72]
Before we headed into the jungle to seek out the juan-ti temple, I performed a legend lore on the golden egg. As we suspected, it is a relic dedicated to Semuanya. It does not seem to be dangerous, but dedicated to the health, prosperity and well-being of the lizard folk. I get the impression that the device is at least 10,000 years old. We have all decided that it should be returned to the lizard folk when we get back to Purgisursia.

The jungle could have gone a lot worse, I suppose. The way was all swampland. No dry footing to be found. Thoragen was able to provide magical means to traverse the swamp more easily. It certainly cut the travel time in half.

During our travels, we encountered catoblepas on an almost nightly basis. Because the sky was overcast, the beasts essentially ignored us and went about their grazing. On day 3, Sirathen spotted a patch of land with treasure on it. We were wary of it, rightly so, as it was some sort of creature with a lot of appendages that used the treasure as bait. We managed to fight it off, though Thoragen was under its mind-controlling ability. We subdued him and Krellem had to carry Thoragen until the next morning when he was able to break the enchantment.

[Session 73]

Later that day we also encountered some sort of gelatinous abberation that was absorbing everything in its path. We moved out of its path by about a half mile. It didn’t follow, so we didn’t worry about it – it was slow enought that we were able to get out of its way easily, but the catoblepas ignored it to their own detriment. Their bones were all that was left after it absorbed them.

That night Selin created her shelter for us, which was a good thing because the sky started to clear up towards evening and there was a full moon. The catoblepas went hunting for meat that night, but couldn’t locate us due to Selin’s shelter.

On the morning of day 4, Krellum went to break the enchantment on Thoragen. During the process, Krellum manifested a twisted version of produce flame, providing further evidence that his attunement of the durnsald heart is affecting him, though he refuses to admit it is a problem.

The rest of the trip through the swamp goes without much trouble. We can see the temple off in the distance from where we emerge from the swamp, and decide to camp there for the night. During the night, we are visited by a guardian naga that has the ability to disrupt Selin’s shelter. It tells us that we are not welcome here and to leave in the morning. Curiosity – or idiocy – sometimes I can’t tell which – causes us to continue on.

Close to the mountains there is a trail, a switchback heading up into the mountains. As we ascend, we are attacked by a meteor shower provided by a pair of guards that although they carried the same coloring as the guardian naga, appear to be juan-ti abominations. We explain to them that we come in peace, and once they realize that Selin is with us, they stop attacking and urge us to approach.

As we approach, a conversation ensues between the guards and Selin. They try to seize Selin, and of course, a fight ensues. Although we managed to get Selin back, Krellem went through a startling transformation. I didn’t see everything that happened, but between the fight and his using his magic, his appearance has transformed him. He now looks like Summer. Long silvery-white hair and clouds in his eyes.

[Session 74]

Since we had killed one of the guards, and the other teleported away, we decide to get out of there. A quick conversation took place between Selin and her father via some ability she has, and he agreed we should leave immediately. In trying to get out, we encountered more of the naga, who as it turns out were there to help us escape the approaching mass of juan-ti. We followed the naga to their hiding place. They are very hospitable, and tell us their purpose was to keep the juan-ti from leaving their area as well as keep them from finding the other temples in the jungles. We ask them about the other temple we were supposed to check out, and they tell us that it was built to imprison some night hags that had been caught trying to mess with events that happened in the past – they were able to manipulate time. We decided then it was best to leave that temple alone. The naga also had lots of other books, which they let us peruse, including a couple tomes on the Magi Towers.

I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow we got on the topic of mushrooms. This led to a conversation on Argle’s mushroom book, as well as his journal, with the nagas. One of the nagas responsible for growing their mushrooms for them was enlisted, and the chaos that ensued actually enabled us to decypher Argle’s journal. It was a little scary.

After that incident, the naga – she seemed to be in charge – informed us that Selin’s grandfather wanted to see us. We all assumed that she meant her grandfather in the Key Complex (Renaldo). We were all intrigued by this, so the naga led us to a door. Behind the door was a long hallway, and at the end of the hallway a room with a table where a single candle was burning. We all went in. A voice bid us to have a seat, which we did.

Luon's Journal - Session 72 through 74

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